Monday, January 11, 2010

Who is Andrew WK? Another conspiracy!

We heard rumors around town that the guy who came and performed at Ribco this year wasnt the Andrew WK that we saw on MTV back in the early 00's. It seems as though an actor was used to perform as Andrew WK on all the videos and the person who came to the Daytrotter show was probably the real Andrew WK who was behind it all. We still arn't sure and if anyone could help us figure this out please email or put comments up here. 

Heres a reflection of Steev Mike in the mirror in the Party Hard video.

We still haven't decided but we like the whole idea of it and find it interesting as Andrew WK's music is pretty mind numbing.

Here is a link to a weird website devoted to the issue. Steev Mike

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  1. We are convinced the old Andrew WK plays drums in HEALTH now