Saturday, July 31, 2010

Nitetrotter Fest Photos

Nitetrotter Fest 2010
Prince Rama
Meester Magpie
Slap N Tickle
Zilmrah /0\
Jesus is Angry
Comedic Styles of Trenton Willey
Viking Fuck
G.G. Tolltext and Purple Chong
Here Comes Chernobyl
Bastard Noise
Lord Green
Nude Sunrise
Teaadora Nikalova
Names Divine

We here at Nitetrotter would like to thank every person and band who attended Nitetrotter Fest 2010. This could have never been possible without your support. The fest went over great and we had a blast every minute of the way. Nitetrotter has big plans for the future as we continue to bring you new music and art. Again we really appreciate all the support we have received and expect an even better Nitetrotter Fest in Chicago for 2011.
Thanks from all of us at Nitetrotter.

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