Thursday, August 28, 2014

Joe Queer still being called racist/etc

Text Mr. Nitetrotter - August 28, 2014

Well this PC punk witch hunt just keeps heating up. The other day Impose magazine ran a hit piece on Joe Queer comparing him to the KKK(hey he was buddies with GG Allin?). The next day they let Joe defend himself in a petty and passively hostile Q&A. The guy went from trying to make him sound racist to like he's some kind of authoritarian cop sympathizer obviously challenging his punkness or something. 

Apparently the controversy arrises because of a comment made about officer Wilson in the Michael Brown case. He says he thinks the officer was doing his job etc. Impose went on to compare the likes on his post versus the hundred of likes on Don Giovanni Records anti Joe Queer/Ben Weasel post. 

It almost seems as there is some kind of communist conspiracy to try and alienate supposed "right wing" punk rockers. Next he will get audited or something.

Is the trendy tar and feathering of Joe Queer a pr stunt for a fledgling asexual label who apparently buys Facebook ads? Some kind of existential envy because he has dissenting opinions from the supposed liberal pc punk narrative? Who knows... group hugs are creepy.

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