Saturday, September 13, 2014

Riot Fest Day One Review

Text Mr. Nitetrotter - September 13, 2014

Well my comrades and I had a late start to Riot Fest 2014. Our uber guy took the slow roads and dropped us off far away to arrive to a giant mud party. Missed PUSSY RIOT(aren't they funded by the ford foundation?)

 So walking in I got there to catch a song of SENSES FAIL. I don't remember this band and I really didn't like it, a little too screamo and not enough scram. Got to catch the end of NOFX. They kind of sucked live but it was cool. It was basically what you would expect. Not sure how much cocaine FAT MIKE was on but he seemed to be having a good time.

The next band I saw was GOGOL BORDELLO. This was ok but a little too stadium rock for me so I accidentally got split from the group and booked it for greener pastures. Remind you I was doing this no map all commando with a broken cell phone at this giant park and really not caring to know what bands were playing. To my surprise I hear some familiar organ work.

It was MURDER CITY DEVILS. They are still great and rocking hard even in a moderate downpour. Great real dark unforgettable rock songs that bring back memories of a friend roller skating down whirling thunder. Serious drinking music.

After that I heard a sound from another stage that I remembered from 5th grade and it was THE OFFSPRING. I couldn't even really see them because of the massive crowd but I was able to get a good listen of the band and sing alongs while I ate my chips soaked in vinegar. I remember reading somewhere they were one of the biggest pop punk bands in the world. Weird.

So I am trying to find my friends and nursing a strongbow. I popped in to the freak show and walked out and started trying to find the SLAYER stage. While walking around I followed another pack of people trying to find the SLAYER stage walking through JANES ADDICITION(who seemed stadium as fuck and slightly out of place) and walked to a stage I thought was SLAYER. The band came out and it was RISE AGAINST. You know normally I would maybe watch a song but were talking about SLAYER. I turned around and joined another pack of people looking for SLAYER on false directions. We finally found them and they seemed to be the big headliner. They rocked just as I remember them 10 years ago.

I am looking forward to tomorrow and hope to maybe catch the Modfather.

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