Thursday, November 19, 2009

Guantanamo Bay, Illinois

Some prisoners currently housed in the U.S.'s 'vacation bible school for terrorists' in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba may be coming to the currently vacant Thompson Correctional Facility in north western Illinois in order to be prosecuted on U.S. soil. Many of the detainees currently being held captive in Guantanamo Bay are being held without charge, some since the beginning of the U.S.'s rock 'n' roll/shock 'n' awe tour that kicked off in Afghanistan in 2001. Feel free to check your favorite news outlet for more coverage on this story.

In other related news, PETA has expressed a desire to turn the Thompson prison into what it calls the 'All Living Beings Empathy Center' (click the link to find out more, as I don't feel like elaborating...). Hopefully the U.S. government and PETA can cooperate in order to both utilize the facility. Perhaps the 'terrorist' detainees could serve as tour guides or gift shop employees.

-jay feather

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