Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Schwag Science

Interesting Bits:
The Dutch guy who introduces the guest speaker. Tons of modern day neurological research is still being conducted with MDMA, psilocybin and even LSD. Good commentary about Timothy Leary, and his attempts to cover up important missteps associated with his psychedelic research. Information about the "Society For A Drug Free America" paying a woman to tell Lord Oprah and various mainstream publications that said she had evidence that she burnt holes in her brain, entirely because of her repeated hard drug use. That picture of the monk who took a bunch of Ecstasy in the mid '80s to help him meditate. The fact it's possible to get school credits for suing the DEA.

Reasons I Can't Make It Past the 35 Minute Mark:
The fact that Sweden is using ketamine and salvia in it's neurological research. Those awful fucking photoshops of "eHarmonie," a dating site for e-tards, and the picture of that fat guy pressing a MAPS application button on a massive fake iPhone. The picture of the guy hooked up to laser beams. It was also depressing to realize I had been watching a powerpoint presentation for over a half hour, which apparently less than 6 or 7 students attended. Mr. Doblin's white tunic.

"You Decide"® Nitetrotter Questionnaire:
So what did you learn by watching this hour and a minute long YouTube video? Did you regret not investing the same amount of time re-reading "Food of the Gods" by Terrance McKenna or any other other books Mr. Doblin recommends during his speech? Will psychedelics ever really be understood, accepted, or legalized in home sweet Amerika, or are these types of things illegal for a reason? Who is more long winded; myself or Prof. Doblins? Did you just hack up mucus and wipe it onto cigarette butts mounding in your overflowing ash tray like yours truly?

Whose death was more tragic: James Brown or Pimp C. Nitetrotter lets "You Decide.®"

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  1. RIP PIMP C...

    nice article "nitetrotter writer who may or may not be alex versluis"