Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Icarus The Owl-NITETROTTER Interview

Interview conducted via E-mail by Merry C.

We met Icarus The Owl at an awesome NITETROTTER show in East Moline,IL. They shared the stage on a beautiful spring night with our friends Victory in Numbers, and Driver Side Impact. Icarus The Owl hails from Portland, Oregon and plays catchy, and at times extremely technical math rock. Icarus The Owl is one of those bands that when you listen their recordings, could either be really entertaining live, or very disappointing, fortunately for everyone that is lucky enough to catch one of their shows, they are the former. Their debut album, The Spotless Mind (can be purchased here) has met extremely mixed reviews, but has garnered much praise among everyday music fans. Unfortunately, due to our session scheduling on the day we met up, they couldn't record with us, so we got a new video, and an interview with guitarist/lead singer Joey Rubenstein instead. Thanks for Reading, and Good Nite.

Who were your biggest influences musically growing up?

Blink 182, The Ataris, Nofx,Rufio, New Found Glory, Strung Out,etc- A lot of the 90's punk music when Epitaph and Fat Wreck ruled the scene. My tastes have changed since then, although I still love those bands.

How did you get together?

Mutual friends and Craiglist!

How do you guys write your music? Is it a collaborative process, or does one band member run the show?

Usually I (Joey) will come up with a song and we will as a band re-work the song and trim the fat. We do a collaborative edit/re-write. I also loop a lot of my guitar riffs so the drummer can find the perfect part for it.

Which of your songs/albums would you recommend to a new fan just starting to listen to your music?

I'd recommend the song "The Extortionist" and the song" Mythomaniac" if the person was mainly into pop music, I'd recommend "Game Of Jenga"

What's your favorite venue to play?

Mixtapes. Duh! ;)

What's your favorite band to tour with?

Lights Out Dancing. They are super fun guys and a really good band.

Any crazy tour stories you want to share?

Tanner was almost raped at a rest stop by a horny trucker. No Joke.

What are you guys listening to right now that everyone else should be?

Thrice, Damiera, and As Tall As Lions.

What are people listening to right now that they shouldn't be?

Monkeys doing it! But really if you get pleasure out of llistening to a band then there is no shame in that- even if it is Creed.

When you guys aren't touring, what do you like to do?

We usually work. But I enjoy playing guitar and writing new song. I love going to the movies as well.

Anything you want to share with the NITETROTTER public?

Check out our album on itunes please! Love you.

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