Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Math The Band-NITETROTTER Interview

Inteview Merry C. / Text Suburban Legend

Our friends Math The Band our currently carving their way across the U.S. in support of MC Chris. Do yourself a favor and try to catch them live, it's definetly worth it.
You can check out the remainging dates of their tour HERE. Thanks for reading & Good Nite!

Math The Band Interview

What bands inspire your music?-Merry
We really like Andrew W.K., Devo, and atom and his package. They've all inspired us a lot.-Kevin MTB

How did you guys end up forming the band?
I started the band by myself when i was 13 or 14. It's gone through a lot of changes, and for the past 3 years my girlfriend justine has been playing too, along with an assortment of other friends from time to time.

We like the band name. How did you guys come up with it?
When I was trying to come up for a name for the band, I saw a pin on my backpack that just said "math", and had a bunch of numbers, addition, subtraction and multiplication signs on it. I named the band after the pin so that my band would have a pin.

If you could perform anywhere with any band, who would it be and where would you do it?
Andrew W.K. at Stonehenge.

What is your favorite song to perform?
We generally like playing whatever song is the newest at the time. whenever we go out on tour we add another 10 or 15 minutes of new material, and have a really good time with the excitement of new songs.

What songs would you recommend to people just starting to get into your music?
I'd recommend 'why didnt you get a haircut', off our last album 'dont worry' for the first song, but I'd recommend coming to a live show over listening to any mp3 any day. We have a hard time getting the full spectrum and attitude of the songs through on a cd. I feel we're really a live band more than a recorded one.

Any crazy tour stories to share?
Here are three:
I saw a motorcycle drive into a grocery store, right down the produce aisle in Oregon. Nobody believes me though.

What bands are people not listening to right now that they should be?
The lima research society, Iji, Streight Angular, Uncle Monsterface, Fishboy

What bands are people listening to right now that they shouldn't be? (Feel free to be mean.)
Crystal Castles.

Anything else you want to share with the NITETROTTER public?
If anyone finds a vhs copy of the movie "ghost dad", please send an email to maththeband@gmail.com ASAP

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