Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fork Knife Spoon - All Empires Fall

Text Mr Nitetrotter - September 4, 2010

We are starting a new "Bambi can eat her fucking heart out" series here at NITETROTTER. We will be giving away our favorite out of print Quad Cities area releases for free. Many of these bands are affiliated with members of the Nitetrotter Party. Many people kept asking us to post the Fork Knife Spoon recordings that are very hard to find. So here we go.

This was the final release for Fork Knife Spoon. It was recorded in the same session as the HeWhoCorrupts split at Semaphore in Chicago Illinois. The lineup was Jake Sheley guitar, John Gamino guitar, Jamie Warren bass, Nathan Girard drums, and Billy Harris vocals. Members of this band have gone on to form Mondo Drag, Lord Green and Eyes. This was not a well received band and were often cited as being popular by people trying to glorify the "good old days" but they weren't. This was actually a weird breed of crossover hardcore that combined power violence like KungFu Rick and downtuned crust of bands like Tragedy with the guitar harmonies of Iron Maiden.

This release was released on the defunct labels The Dupage Collective and First Blood Family to somewhere between 1000 and 1500 copies on Compact Disc. It never came out on vinyl and the master tape sits on a shelf in Billy's parents house(Jake, Nate and Jamie at one time wanted to tape over it to save money with a later short lived project). Hopefully if he gets some money he will put it out on vinyl(tell Bambi to eat her heart out).

Fork Knife Spoon's ideology is a lot of the reason NITETROTTER exists today!