Friday, September 10, 2010

Fork Knife Spoon - "Shooting Down The Christ Myth"

Text Mr. Nitetrotter - September 10, 2010

This was the second Fork Knife Spoon recording released. It was titled "Shooting Down The Christ Myth" and was released on Conquistador Records in 2001. Over one hundred of these were made, they were diy photo copy covers with hand spray painted and screen printed cdrs. These were what FKS sold at many of its shows with bands like the Locust or Wesley Willis. This was after the "Unabomber" demo and before the "Black Stork Attack" 7". This release was recorded over a few hot summer days at John Powells church in Watertown. The lineup was Nate Girard drums, Jake Sheley guitar, Brett Schneider bass, John Gamino guitar, Andy Weinert vocals and Billy Harris vocals. This was a sort of awkward phase of the band, but still interesting.

***If anyone has a copy of the missing song from this album "Fucked Up Vacuum In The Corner" please email us it!***