Saturday, November 6, 2010

Art students inject Four Loko intravenously for "black out" effect

Text Sarah Smith - November 6, 2010

Students from various Chicago art school have been injecting Four Loko intravenously for an immediate blackout effect.

"People are dying out here that shit is fucked up" said James Kelly an unemployed aspiring hair stylist currently living in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago(which is referred to as the "black hole" for its high amounts of Four Loko abuse via needle). "I know people that go through five cans a night. You can just watch the light go out in their eyes. Its sad. They get so crazy on the stuff. There is no reasoning behind their actions. I've seen people kill while banging Four Loko."

I met with a user who will be referred to as "Amy" she told me that she spends all her time trying to steal Four Loko. "This has ruined my life, all I do is bang Four Loko. My body craves it, I would kill for it."

Right now there are no details on how many intravenous users of Four Loko may be currently using in the city of Chicago but studies by the University of Chicago are underway.

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