Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Should Journalists be held accountable for getting venues show down?

Text Sarah Smith - November 16, 2010

Recently a DIY venue named Treasure Town got shut down and their neighbors Mortville are having complications as well that all stem from the inevitable. A journalist named Jake Malooley wrote an article in Time Out Chicago about the venues.

Now Jake Malooley has been the subject of much harassment. The question is does he deserve it? We say yes.

Heres our reasoning. He has emo hair so he should know better.

Chicago has some of the strictest laws about DIY venues and anybody who is involved with underground music at all should realize that even if you need a good article... MUM IS THE WORD. The Chicago authorities can be vicious and there is no reason to make their job easier.

I am sure there was some kind of "Indie" show at the Metro that Mr. Malooley could of wrote about.

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