Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jorge Anthony Tapia - "Mi Infierno" - Free Download

Text Sarah Smith - January 20, 2010

This bad boy of bedroom pop comes straight from our main horse's mouth... the famous Jorge Tapia. After being a main songwriter for quite a few bands he decided to release this album and was nice enough to let Nitetrotter give it away.

Jorge Tapia is a multi instrumentalist, composer and artist who has been consistently putting out art and music since his early teens in the late 90s. His most noteworthy bands include his current progressively latin influenced outfit Mija, outsider pop noise act Eyes, a defunct pop band named Humans, his legendary band that sounded like a straight edge youth crew band meets Wire named Only Ten Between Us( a play on the quad cities former area code system), and his teenage pop punk bands Paper Children and The Strict who were local teenage support for the most random bands in the 90s everyone from Modest Mouse to Charles Bronson. He also writes songs and produces his daughter Chica X's music.

This release is his first solo record under his real name. We love how this came out and hope to hear more. For more information on Jorge visit his blog.

Jorge Anthony Tapia - "Wrapped Up In Makeout Morgue" "Dubsittin" "Repetitive Child(You're Mine)" "Trapezoid Valley" "If Found Blue Do Not Resuscitate" "November Nights We're Just A Dream" "Bleddry" "Peasant" "The Regret" "Embarrassed" "Define"

Originally released by Nail In The Coffin Records

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  1. Thats weird. A couple of these songs sound familiar.......Oh yeah they're songs Ray Malone wrote. Weird. Did you even ask Ray to use these songs? Just because you put vocals on it does not make it a Jorge Anthony Tapia song.