Saturday, January 22, 2011

Old Man Ladybug Or: Officer Rattlesnake - "Its Better To Burn Out Than Fade Away" - Free Download

Text Mr. Nitetrotter - Saturday January 22, 2010

A double dose in tribute to Mr. Beefheart. This is the studio album by Old Man Ladybug Or: Officer Rattlesnake and its even better than I remember! You can really tell most of these guys grew up playing together as this is so tightly loose. This recording is so abrasively jazzy too with its syncopated rhythms and expansive harmonies. The lyrics are definitely something to write home about, with sick babble like "Yesterday I won the lottery so I found the fanciest whore that I could find and made her suck me off in the most expensive hotel in this god forsaken city" Whoah.

This one is a crucial rager. Keep on trottin in the free world.

Old Man Ladybug Or: Officer Rattlesnake - "Concrete Shoes Blues" "Jennifer Jones and Her Rattling Bones" "Everlasting Life" "On Aging" "Sunny Day Day Dreaming" "Concrete Shoes Blues Again" "Moon Hymn" "Can You Feel It"

Originally Released by Nail In The Coffin Records

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