Saturday, February 20, 2010

The long lost South African Beach Boy!

For those who don't think the Beach Boys can really jam well check this hot one from the 70s.
Now wait who is that guy singing lead on Wild Honey?
Well his name is Blondie Chaplin and he played with the Beach Boys on a few records; Holland, Live. 

 Carl Wilson discovered Blondie's band the Flames to be on the Beach Boy's Brother Records. The band put out an album and due to weird circumstance like Brian being mentally unhealthy and Dennis not being able to play the drums for a few years, he joined the Beach Boys. It seems to be a little known part of the rich history of the Beach Boys.

Blondie's stint with the Beach Boys was pretty short but he ended up playing with The Band and eventually playing as a sideman with The Rolling Stones.

I was initially drawn to Blondie's soulful vocals on Wild Honey. I actually like Blondie's version better than the original. It has made me look at the Holland album in such a different way. His songs are deep cuts that really strike a nerve. 

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