Monday, February 22, 2010

An open letter from Mr. Nitetrotter to Johnnie Cluney of Daytrotter


First off we are not a rival of daytrotter but just a reaction to it. We are seizing the means of production.

You also can't be angry when people hold big corporations accountable in a small community(Daytrotter is 49% owned by a multi million dollar corporation). You guys seem to be more concerned with what is "cool" or "popular" or else you would of put up local bands by now. If some local band got on Pitchfork I am sure Sean would hit them up, until then it takes four years of dick sucking, and most only got two.

We on the other hand don't know whats cool nor do we claim to. We just want to document anybody. Mondo Drag and any musician in the QC is welcome to record a Nitetrotter.

Sorry Johnnie we are on a mission from God and yes it is a cool life! Freedom. If you arn't my friend over this, you probably never were.

Also if anything you should thank us for all the attention we have put on Daytrotter. None of our friends really knew about or cared about it. Now they do. You can thank us later

As a fan of Daytrotter I have noticed that in the post Nitetrotter era you started paying attention to weird music more(asking many bands who played nitetrotter shows to record) and you finally put up a local band(of course your own). 

I personally would of suggested Chad Gooch, Seth Knappen, Centuar Noir or any of the good QC indie bands should of been recorded years ago, but again as I stated I don't know what's cool or could be popular. I don't read pitchfork.

So thats why we started Nitetrotter. For people like them or the kiddie punk bands. The clock is ticking this music only lasts so long and it needs to be documented. 

Sorry if our behavior has been inappropriate I would personally love to see everyone bury the hatchet, but honestly the only people who have shown me any hatred has been you, Joe or Carl. All your friends are all secret Nitetrotter fans if you didnt know. We get fan emails from those who want to remain anonymous thanking us for playing devils advocate.

Nitetrotter isn't about hating its about making something out of nothing, not talking about doing shit but actually doing it and most importantly not waiting for some journalist to do it for you!

If you hate us so bad we'll you better continue to blacklist, slander, even sue us or do what you got to do but we aint ever fucking slowing down man. EVER


"Mr. Nitetrotter"


  1. We support Nitetrotter 100%

    The Blushing Gun

  2. Big fan of Nitetrotter. Keep putting out the relevant freah fresh local sounds. luvluv

  3. Yeah, The Blushing Gun is the shit.I wish Centaur Noir would come back. Centaur Noir+Technoir would be a sweet show.

  4. I really like what you guys do, it is important to give local bands a place to show off, it is very rare that I actually see musicians that interest me on daytrotter and you guys have managed to hold my attention. WAY TO GO! keep up the good work!


    DEATHRACE 2010

  6. NITETROTTER Grime Time 2KDIME. We have so many sessions that aren't even up yet too. Thanks for the support, it keeps us going. Invite all your friends to all of our pages & events on Facebook. Please help us spread the truth. All Genres of Music, All Day Long.