Sunday, December 6, 2009

Andrew WK (w/Mondo Drag) "I Love The Quad Cities"

Ribco still sucks and the QC seems trapped in the year 2002, a place where the resurgence of jock rock around the turn of the century still lives on. We hear this was the best show at Ribco since the Meat Puppets, and shucks we missed both, as we love catching people at least 7-15 years past their prime at Rock Island's hip "rape bar". The best part of the video is watching the lame ass Ribco security force freaking out because some people got on their 2 foot stage after AWK try's to bring people up. One envisions cave man looking Converge tattoo bearing power hessians in the QC still "partying hard" two days later.
Andy Daggett the famous QC party dude/free thinker has been quoted as saying "Andrew W.K. playing Ribco is the pinnacle of existence, I have never partied so hard in my life." This is evident by the amount of fist pumping Andy had going on despite the frisky homoerotic security of Ribco. The video below is classic shenanigans.


  1. for waking up my whole house because of laughter outbursts