Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Stoned As Fuck

DEA May 2008:

The Louisiana State Police Crime Laboratory in Baton Rouge recently received a plastic bag of marijuana (confirmed), two green Ecstasy-type tablets (MDMA confirmed), and a hand-rolled cigar, an apparent marijuana “blunt.” The exhibits were seized in Baton Rouge by the Baton Rouge Police (no further details). The cigar was approximately 9 x 1 centimeters, weighed 1.68 grams, and was visually unremarkable. However, upon disassembly for sampling purposes, the core was found to contain a sprinkling of pink granules, apparently a crushed up tablet, mixed throughout the plant material (see Photos 2a and b). Analysis of the plant material by microscopy and Duquenois-Levine confirmed marijuana (THC not quantitated). Analysis of the pink substance (not weighed separately) by GC and GC/MS indicated MDMA, caffeine, and procaine (MDMA not quantitated, but much less than the caffeine and procaine). This is believed to be the second such submission to the laboratory.

Soon: NitetrotterTV episode "Trottin' in Amsterdam"

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