Thursday, December 31, 2009

Nitetrotter Exclusive

CHICAGO - Breaking News - Despite increased security measures and more staff being on hand at Obama's secret Chicago basement war mongering facility/facilities following a Nigerian man's failed attempt at detonating a bomb while on a commercial plane headed from Amsterdam to New York City, Air Bud managed to break in at approximately 5:30 p.m. today and steal his Nobel Peace Prize. Because this situation is still developing, details are scarce at this time. It has been said he disabled several trip wires before storming in, blazing through while barking a flurry of possible racial slurs. It is now reported Air Bud was hit several times with .45 caliber rounds from secret service personnel, however he has still managed to hole himself up. Air Bud was wearing nothing but sunglasses. More information will come as the hostage situation progresses.

2010 Here We Come

Merry New Years! Make plenty of luv in the club. Don't drink and drive. You can ride on the hood if you're fucked up though, we encourage that tonight at Nitetrotter. That's just having fun.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Nitrotter Presents: Lizz King Breezee One, Chica X and Eyes

Nitetrotter is bringing Lizz King to Mixtapes on January 18th with Breezee One, Chica X and Eyes. She blew people away at the last Lazer Mountain show a few years back and is from Wham City in Baltimore via the hills of the Piedmont region. She has an absolutely beautiful voice that is truly unique. Just another sweet show courtesy of your local Nitetrotter.

A holiday greeting from Mr Nitetrotter himself

Well 2009 is almost done and 2010 may be the biggest year for NITETROTTER yet. We have bought and will be launching it soon. There will be a press conference to announce to the local media what NITETROTTER is all about and not all about. Bands or solo artists looking to record NITETROTTER sessions please email we will be recording in East Moline and Chicago all of 2010.

Expect many highly anticipated shows hosted by NITETROTTER again in East Moline and Chicago.

We have run in to a few haters mostly our friends that have always been dicks. While on the other hand the support for NITETROTTER has been amazing we never thought we would be this well received. Our local fame is helping us do things we never saw possible. We are extremely excited.

Many people think the purpose of NITETROTTER is to hate on Daytroter or Gaytrotter as its known around the Quad Cities. That is not the point. NITETROTTER is the punk answer to Daytrotter who have repeatedly fucked our comrades over, if they acknowledge it or not. We are taking the means of production in to our hands with the result being NITETROTTER. I will end with a quote from Mickey Nolan of the legendary Quad Cities band Only Ten Between Us "We are the fucking kids". In 2010 we encourage you to grow old but never grow up!

Have a great rest of the holidays from us here at NITETROTTER and expect much more from us in 2010!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Helping Hands

Give me one sentence? A picture is worth a thousand words. Feeding our friends.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

"Games Been Good Ta Me"

Ah yes, X-Mas Eve. A time to unwind, watch some MSNBC "Caught On Camera," featuring a 5-year old smoking a blunt and a guy trying to bet an ounce at a blackjack table in Fresno, enjoying time with the ones you love, trying to let your already horribly damaged liver recover from an evening at the Buffalo Wild Wings bar with the folks.

If you haven't already Xed out of the window in fear that your parents/grandma are going to come in and think you're gay, enjoy this gift from Nitetrotter to you and yours. It's Al Pacinos second movie ever.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Brian Jonestown Massacre album features former Spacemen 3 member.

Brian Jonestown Massacre is back in the spotlight with there new release, "Who killed Sergeant Peppers?" This album is set to be released on January 1, 2010 will feature former Spacemen 3 bassist Will Carruthers and famous Icelandic filmmaker Unnar Andrea Einarsdottir. Check out a new song and video below.

-Kraut Stevens

Anti-drug vaccination plan could immunize people

New UK government plan to create an anti-drug vaccination that could help prevent future children from addiction to cocaine, heroin and nicotine. Thats right a vaccine that can immunize children from the glorious highs of the worlds greatest highs. By creating this innoculation it may result in less chance of addiction later on in life. This new plan is only be discussed so far in the UK but will soon start in the United States within years. Be careful and watch closely as this story develops here in the US.

-Kraut Stevens

Monday, December 21, 2009

NITETROTTER Presents: Skies Alive & More Jan.27th!

*Unfortunately, do to a medical emergency involving one of the members of Cities Never Sleep, they will be unable to perform at this show. Look out for them to make their QC debut on Feb.11th with Sunday Night Scene. A replacement act will be named ASAP.*
Cities Never Sleep ( and their tour mates Skies Alive (, will be playing at Mixtapes! in East Moline, IL on January 27th 2010. Cities Never Sleep hails from Minnesota, and includes Pat Tarnowski who found success with former band Jamestown Story. Their DIY attitude, as well as their Pop Punk melodies will be a breath of fresh air for the QC music scene. Fresh off of their signing with Fidelity Entertainment Group, The QC's own Searching for Security ( will also be destroying the building with a nasty 5 piece metal core set. Also set to perform is Cricoris. (

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Johnny Marr Tells Nardwuar Bernard Summer Is A Bitchy Diva

The English are a lot like Quad Citians, they like to bitch about each others bullshit. Here, Nardwuar: The Human Serviette, interviews Moz's former friend and English gentleman, Johnny Marr. Johnny says the man behind the gayest and greatest electronic pop band, New Order, is the biggest pop diva and brags about writing "Blue Monday" all the time. Nardwuar is a weird Canadian who interviews pretty fucking cool bands as well as some hacks, but his in depth research makes all this worth your while. Visit his audio and video interview archive,, keep on rockin' in the free world, and doot doota loot doo.. doot doo.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Artisit profile: Tiny Concept

Tiny Concept's real name is Letty and she is a very nice young woman from France. Her music is good dirty weird in the way only the French have down. She will be playing Mixtapes and other various Nitetrotter sponsored events in Chicago, East Moline and Iowa this January. Tiny Concept is the first of several international artists we are bringing to the area in 2010. Tiny Concept

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fuck bein PC bro, I just say it like it is, ya know. It is what is is dawg.

NOTE TO FAGS: Quit checking on that Tombstone pizza and stir that ketchup soup.

T-Minus 24: Boys are back in town ...


NOTE TO SELF: Don't eat a special brownie at 10 o'clock at night, because you are too lazy to go to the corner store and get actual munchies, unless you want to wake up abruptly in the middle of the night feeling like you are coming up on mushrooms.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Iron Rain “Silent Sins” 7" Out Soon On Panic & How Soon Is Now

1,2,3,4 Quad City Hardcore! Shit's not dead, just moved to Chicago. Iron Rain, featuring QC natives vocalist Lawrence (Scotty) Scott and drummer Dylan Sipes, got the green light from some Smiths loving duders on their new 7" "Silent Sins." Iron Rain gets the hella high heil in respect to their massive, thick, fast hardcore sound. These boys are doing it right and touring the early part of the year so figure out where the fuck you're gonna catch 'em near you and pick yourself up an ugly ass Iron Rain rain coat. “Silent Sins” available January 19th, 2010. Each label will have pre orders with exclusive colors and shirts.

you can listen to it at

more detail here

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Youtube of the Week

Schwag Report

DEA February 2008

The DEA Southwest Laboratory (Vista, California) recently received a multi-part exhibit of plant material, consisting of one intact, tape-wrapped plastic package and 10 core samples, all suspected marijuana (total net mass approximately 300 grams). The package and core samples were selected from 21 such packages seized from within a truck tire by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) personnel in Andrade, California (about 150 miles east of San Diego). Upon opening the intact package, a live 7.62 millimeter rifle round was discovered within the plant material (see Photo 1). The package was subsequently X-rayed, and three other live rounds were discovered, including another 7.62 round and two 7.65 millimeter handgun rounds (see Photo 2). Analysis of the plant material by microscopy, Duquenois-Levine, and TLC confirmed marijuana (THC not quantitated). X-ray screening of the other 20 packages (by ICE personnel) revealed an additional 12 rounds in those exhibits (distribution and types not provided). This is the first instance of ammunition discovered within marijuana at the Southwest Laboratory.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Schwagest assassination attempt ever

Hopefully some copycat finishes the job.

Al Gore with yet again another crazy claim

He says that the Earth's core is millions of degrees. Bullshit. In fact, the Inner Mantle of the earth is 5400 ºF (3000ºC) and the Outer Mantle is 2520 ºF (1400ºC) and 5400 º F (3000ºC). The Core of the earth is between 9032 – 10832 ºF (5000-6000 ºC). This is just an accepted scientific estimate but still very fucking far from a million degrees.

The keyboard sounds of Michael Jackson

Since we love posting articles about Michael Jackson here is a really interesting one we got from R. Stevie Moore's facebook. If you were ever curious to what keyboards were used on some of MJ's most popular songs, well here you go. Full article

Obama scoops up his peace prize what a crock of shit!

Ron Paul knows as he has had his hands in thousands and thousands of vagina's. Here on Russia Today he points out the blatantly obvious.

UFO enthusiast Kucinich is angry

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cosmic happening in Norway

Lord Green Is Fucking Pissed And Touring

Nitetrotter favourites, Lord Green, are kicking off 2010 by demolishing the south. Good thing hessians like loud music and long hair. Check out their self released cassette that's out and keep your eyes wide for a new 7" in January on Scenester Credentials and a split cassette with Maltross on Rusty Axe records.

Dec 31 - ISU NEW YEARS EVE SHOW - Bloomington, Illinois
Jan 1 - GOLD HOUSE Peoria, Illinois
Jan 2 - APOP RECORDS Saint Louis, Missouri
Jan 3 - THE LITTERBOX Carbondale, Illinois
Jan 4 - DRAGONS DEN New Orleans, Louisiana
Jan 5 - MAGIC CITY WHOLESALE Birmingham, Alabama
Jan 7. WAYWARD COUNCIL Gainesville, Florida
Jan 9 - MIAMI WINGS Miami, Florida - SHOW IS AT 3PM!!
Jan 10 - SHANTY TOWN PUB Jacksonville, Florida
Jan 11 - PONY PEN Savannah, Georgia
Jan 12 - XI HOUSE Decatur, Georgia
Jan 13 - SOUND MOUNTAIN Manchester, Kentucky
Jan 14 - BRYCC HOUSE Louisville, Kentucky
Jan 15 - 1624 N. HARRISON Ft. Wayne, Indiana
Jan 16 - HOUSE SHOW Macomb, Illinois for more info on your savior

Charcoal Filtered Moonshine

We at Reichtrotter respect a raw, endemic chemical substance and with that, let's make our own moonshine. There's a simple moonshine recipe that'll make you forget fucking your cousin. this is how to make it

Chicago Hates Poor People

Stories of seasonal goodwill are increasingly rare these days, especially ones that involve the US postal service, Santa Claus and legendary producer Steve Albini.

So prepare to have your cold, cold hearts melted by this joyous tale. According to the Chicago Tribune, Albini (best known for his work with Nirvana, PJ Harvey, Will Oldham, Shellac, oh you get the idea) loads a van with money, clothes and toys raised each year in a charity drive and dishes them out to cash-strapped families across the city. "There's so much money that it can literally save a family's entire year," Albini told the Tribune.

So why are we telling you now? Because The Man is trying to put an end to this seasonal giving, that's why. Albini knows which families to contact because all letters in Chicago written to Santa are diverted to potential donors in the city. But a change in US policy means that these names and addresses will now be blacked out on "Dear Santa" letters, which, according to the Tribune, means that Albini and his wife, Heather Whinna, "can no longer cull through the thousands of letters that amass each winter at Chicago's post office, looking for the neediest families".

The details of why the policy has changed are a little complicated, and as they involve an alleged paedophile in Maryland, are also not really in keeping with the Christmas spirit. What it does mean is the Albini and Whinna are having to look for ways around this problem in the hope that they can keep giving at Christmas. One word guys: reindeers.

Stoned As Fuck

DEA May 2008:

The Louisiana State Police Crime Laboratory in Baton Rouge recently received a plastic bag of marijuana (confirmed), two green Ecstasy-type tablets (MDMA confirmed), and a hand-rolled cigar, an apparent marijuana “blunt.” The exhibits were seized in Baton Rouge by the Baton Rouge Police (no further details). The cigar was approximately 9 x 1 centimeters, weighed 1.68 grams, and was visually unremarkable. However, upon disassembly for sampling purposes, the core was found to contain a sprinkling of pink granules, apparently a crushed up tablet, mixed throughout the plant material (see Photos 2a and b). Analysis of the plant material by microscopy and Duquenois-Levine confirmed marijuana (THC not quantitated). Analysis of the pink substance (not weighed separately) by GC and GC/MS indicated MDMA, caffeine, and procaine (MDMA not quantitated, but much less than the caffeine and procaine). This is believed to be the second such submission to the laboratory.

Soon: NitetrotterTV episode "Trottin' in Amsterdam"

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

East Moline's Sobou Shuu to play in Chicago with Wolf Eyes

Sobou Shuu a member of the East Moline Sound is playing with Wolf Eyes at the Mopery in Chicago on December 28th. Catch his future punk with Boar from Dubuque. This show is a launch pad for a southern tour with Swim Ignorant Fire. Sobou Shuu fucking hates music.

Who says we don't cover enough German power violence?

Are you sick of bullshit indie rock? Us too! Want to hear some Germans fucking destroying things? Us too! This German band Henry Fonda wrote us to make sure to let you know they put two live tracks up from sold out live tapes. They will also be touring the US in 2010 so if anyone wants to help get in touch. Henry Fonda - Live at Birth - Live at Dani's Swamp House

Pictures of a City covering Hootie

Pictures of a City getting way weird

The Pop Group

The end is near

Creepy video

Monday, December 7, 2009

The most hated blog in the Quad Cities

We have gotten the cops called on us, carl hates us, been kicked off google, threatened lawsuit by daytrotter and Paula Sands even spoke out against Nitetrotter last week on her show. What should we do? Should we give up? Email and let us know what you think

Child Porn Star Diagnosed with Epilepsy

Dirky Price, newly recognized prodigy in the sex industry is said to have suffered two epileptic seizures within the last month. Encino Hospital head neurologist Dr. Harold Ray confirms that the eight year old is now being treated with the medication Ziphorin which is said to lessen the likeliness of future cerebral disfunction. Mr. and Mrs. Price confirm that Dirky is in safe condition and filming for his next short will not be delayed. - Field Reporter

Ribco sucks on facebook

Ribco called the cops and got the original facebook page shut down. So the authors made a new one. We at nitetrotter cannot stress enough how shitty this bar really is, Quad Cities locals refer to it as the "rape bar".

"We are sorry to say that the rest of the December Raditude Tour has been canceled."

Rivers got in a big bus accident. Not big enough to stop the mother fucker from his current quick cash singles scheme, just big enough to stop a tour. Still fuckin' lucky 'Lil Wayne slummed it on a coloab, Rivers has been crying himself to sleep, not because of his cracked rips, but because he still isn't Matt Sharp. Here's the in-depth story.

Tiger's harem

Nickelodeon's Keenan and Kel did a skit

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Google shuts down our adsense account

Due to some bullshit our 300 dollar adsense account has been stolen from us. FUCK GOOGLE!

We are now looking for advertisers the rates are 10 dollars per month if interested in advertising just email

We love the quad cities too

Every year this guy gets arrested for swimming across the Mississippi.

Greasy Spoon (Original) By John C. Anderson - Watch more Funny Videos

Andrew WK (w/Mondo Drag) "I Love The Quad Cities"

Ribco still sucks and the QC seems trapped in the year 2002, a place where the resurgence of jock rock around the turn of the century still lives on. We hear this was the best show at Ribco since the Meat Puppets, and shucks we missed both, as we love catching people at least 7-15 years past their prime at Rock Island's hip "rape bar". The best part of the video is watching the lame ass Ribco security force freaking out because some people got on their 2 foot stage after AWK try's to bring people up. One envisions cave man looking Converge tattoo bearing power hessians in the QC still "partying hard" two days later.
Andy Daggett the famous QC party dude/free thinker has been quoted as saying "Andrew W.K. playing Ribco is the pinnacle of existence, I have never partied so hard in my life." This is evident by the amount of fist pumping Andy had going on despite the frisky homoerotic security of Ribco. The video below is classic shenanigans.

Marilyn Manson presentation

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Nite club fire in Russia

Australian troops using hard drugs in Iraq

Australian troops are coming back with heavy addictions. They say cocaine is "cheap as chips" in Afghanistan while Iraq is becoming a huge drug highway for Heroin and Hashish. Full article

Was Michael Jackson almost the next Stalin?

Here he is being Anti-semitic.

Al Gore gets ambushed again

This is pretty funny we like how the guy starts right out with mars. Gore is so fucking weird looking. His fan club just seem so god damn lame. Good to see that he is hitting up all these Borders, very green you robot douchebag. 

Pirated Airwaves Circa 1987

Mr. OWL Here bringing you something weird...

During a broadcast of the Dr. Who episode "Horror of Fang Rock" on WTTW Chicago Channel 11, on Sunday November 22nd, 1987, at around 11:15pm, a Video "Pirate" wearing a Max Headroom mask broke into the signal and transmitted one of the weirdest, unauthorized things ever to hit the Chicago airwaves.

Earlier in the evening on the same day, during the Nine O'Clock News on Channel 9 (Yes, a completely different channel) the Max Headroom Pirate also broke in - although it was for a much shorter time and there was no audio.

Needless to say, Dan Rohn (the sports reporter) was a bit flustered.

And no, he was never caught.

My Take: The guy was probably high and/or drunk. Even with the audio distortion, his ramblings don't make much sense. Here's what I am able to make out:

"He's a freaky nerd!"

"This guy's better than Chuck Swirsky." [another WGN sportscaster at the time]

"Oh Jesus!"

"Catch the wave..." [reference to a Coke commercial at the time of which Max Headroom was a spokesperson]

"Your love is fading..."

"I stole CBS."

"Oh, I just made a giant masterpiece printed all over the greatest world newspaper nerds." [??]

"My brother [mother?] is wearing the other one."

"It's dirty..."

"They're coming to get me..."

(Note also that he appears to be wearing a [rude word deleted] on his middle finger.)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Q. What did Michael Jackson do for Humanity?

A: Actually, contrary to popular belief he has probably given away more money than spent. Here is a link to the Heal the World fundation.

It is named after a popular song of Jackson's (Heal the World) and he is the founder of it. It is a foundation to give to the vulnerable. According to the site this includes children, elderly, and animals. Check out the mission page to learn more about that, however.

You may of heard of Ryan White. He died of AIDS in 1980. He was from Kokomo Indiana. In the 1980's the AIDS epidemic was just beginning and not many people fully understood it. Ryan was persecuted by his classmates, teachers school board, etc. Many people believed at the time you only got AIDS from homosexuality, when in fact he got it through a blood transfusion. Along with Elton John (who sang at his funeral), and Phil Donahue (Ryan appeared on his show) Michael became good friends with Ryan. Elton John helped him get a new house where he wouldn't be persecuted and Ryan drove a convertible given to him by Michael Jackson. Jackson dedicated the song "Gone Too Soon" to Ryan, and sang it at Bill Clinton's annaugaration. (he obviously wanted Clinton to help with AIDS awareness). In fact you can see Ryan and Michael on the cover of his single "Gone too Soon."

Neverland Ranch (to my knowledge) every 3 weeks was open to underprivledged children to play at the Amusement park. Many of these children were sick with things like cancer. Sometimes Jackson would completly pay for they're medical costs, such as Gavin Arvizo (who later was the Accuser against Jackson in the recent people vs. Jackson, of which Jackson was acquitted on all charges.)

And apart from all that, Jackson has contributed one thing to society that is very special. His music has touched the souls of millions of people around the world. He is one of the most succesful artists of all time and his music has reflected on the people. 5 of his albums are among the best selling of all time, and Thriller has the number 1 spot. He contibuted all those albums to society, or else people would not have bought them.

So when people say he has contributed "absolutely nothing" to soceiety, they are very wrong. After Bono, he may someday win a Nobel Peace Prize.
The following is an alphabetical list of known charities that Michael Jackson has individualy supported publically throughout his career.
  • AIDS Project L.A.
  • American Cancer Society
  • Angel Food
  • Big Brothers of Greater Los Angeles
  • BMI Foundation, Inc.
  • Brotherhood Crusade
  • Brothman Burn Center
  • Camp Ronald McDonald
  • Childhelp U.S.A.
  • Children's Institute International
  • Cities and Schools Scholarship Fund
  • Community Youth Sports & Arts Foundation
  • Congressional Black Caucus (CBC)
  • Dakar Foundation
  • Dreamstreet Kids
  • Dreams Come True Charity
  • Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation
  • Juvenile Diabetes Foundation
  • Love Match
  • Make-A-Wish Foundation
  • Minority Aids Project
  • Motown Museum
  • National Rainbow Coalition
  • Rotary Club of Australia
  • Society of Singers
  • Starlight Foundation
  • The Carter Center's Atlanta Project
  • The Sickle Cell Research Foundation
  • Transafrica
  • United Negro College Fund (UNCF)
  • United Negro College Fund Ladder's of Hope
  • Volunteers of America
  • Watts Summer Festival
  • Wish Granting
  • YMCA - 28th Street/Crenshaw

January 10, 1984: Michael visits the unit for burn victims at Brotman-Memorial Hospital in Los Angeles.
April 9, 1984: David Smithee, a 14-year-old boy who suffers from cystic fibroses is invited to Michael's home. It was David's last wish to meet Michael. He dies 7 weeks later.
April 14, 1984: Michael equips a 19-bed-unit at Mount Senai New York Medical Center. This center is part of the T.J. Martell-Foundation for leukemia and cancer research.
July 5, 1984: During the Jackson's press conference at Tavern On The Green, Michael announces that his part of the earnings from the Victory Tour will be donated to three charitable organizations: The United Negro College Fund, Camp Good Times, and the T.J. Martell-Foundation.
July 14, 1984: After the first concert of the Victory Tour, Michael meets 8 terminally ill children backstage.
December 13, 1984: Michael visits the Brotman Memorial Hospital, where he had been treated when he was burned very badly during the producing of a Pepsi commercial. He donates all the money he receives from Pepsi, $1.5 million, to the Michael Jackson Burn Center for Children.
January 28, 1985: Michael and 44 other artists meet to record "We Are The World", written by Michael and Lionel Ritchie. The proceeds of this record are donated to the starving people in Africa.
1986: Michael set up the "Michael Jackson UNCF Endowed Scholarship Fund". This $1.5 million fund is aimed towards students majoring in performance art and communications, with money given each year to students attending a UNCF member college or university.
February 28, 1986: After having had a heart-transplant, 14-year-old Donna Ashlock from California gets a call from Michael Jackson. He had heard that she is a big fan of his. Michael invites her to his home as soon as she is feeling better. This visit takes place on March 8th. Donna stays for dinner and watches a movie together with Michael.
September 13, 1987: Michael supports a campaign against racism. He supports efforts of the NAACP, to fight prejudices against black artists.
October 1987: At the end of his Bad Tour, Michael donates some personal items to the UNESCO for a charitable auction. The proceeds will be for the education of children in developing countries.
February 1, 1988: The Song "Man In the Mirror" enters the charts. The proceeds from the sales of this record goes to Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times, a camp for children who suffer from cancer.
March 1, 1988: At a press conference held by his sponsor Pepsi, Michael presents a $600,000 check to the United Negro College Fund.
April 1988: Free tickets are given away for three concerts in Atlanta, Georgia to the Make A Wish Foundation.
May 22, 1988: Michael visits children who suffer from cancer in the Bambini-Gesu Children's Hospital in Rome. He signs autographs and gives away sweets and records to the little patients. He promises a check of 100,000 pounds to the hospital.
July 16, 1988: Before a concert at Wembley Stadium Michael meets the Prince of Wales and his wife Diana. He hands over a check of 150,000 pounds for the Prince's Trust, and a check of 100,000 pounds for the children's hospital at Great Ormond Street.
July 20, 1988: Michael visits terminally ill children at Great Ormond Street Hospital. At a unit for less critical patients he stays a little bit longer and tells a story.
August 29, 1988: At his 30th birthday Michael performs a concert in Leeds, England for the English charity-organization "Give For Life". The goal of this organization is the immunization of children. Michael presents a check for 65,000 pounds.
December 1988: Michael visits 12-year-old David Rothenburg. His father had 5 years earlier burned him very badly in an act of revenge against his former wife.
January 1989: The proceeds of one of Michael's shows in Los Angeles are donated to Childhelp USA, the biggest charity-organization against child-abuse. In appreciation of the contributions of Michael, Childhelp of Southern California is founding the "Michael Jackson International Institute for Research On Child Abuse".
January 10, 1989: The Bad Tour comes to an end. Under-privileged children are donated tickets for each concert and Michael donates money to hospitals, orphanages and charity-organizations.
February 7, 1989: Michael visits the Cleveland Elementary School in Stockton, California. Some weeks earlier a 25-year-old man had fired at the school's playground. 5 children had been killed and 39 had been wounded.
March 5, 1989: Michael invites 200 deprived children of the St. Vincent Institute for handicapped children and of the organization Big Brothers and Big Sisters to the Circus Vargas in Santa Barbara. After this event he invites them to his ranch to introduce his private zoo at his Neverland Ranch to them.
November 13, 1989: The organization "Wishes Granted" helps 4-year-old Darian Pagan, who suffers from leukemia to meet Michael. Michael invites the little boy to a performance of Canadian acrobats.
December 28, 1989: Young Ryan White, who suffers from hemophilia, spends his holidays on Michael's ranch. Ryan had been infected with AIDS by contaminated blood transfusions in 1984. After he was excluded from his school in Kokomo, Ryan fought against the discrimination of AIDS victims.
January 6, 1990: Michael invites 82 abused and neglected children through Childhelp to his Neverland Ranch. There are games, a Barbeque and a movie show provided for them.
July 1990: 45 children from the Project Dream Street, Los Angeles, for children with life-threatening illness are invited to Neverland Valley.
August 18, 1990: Michael invites 130 children of the YMCA summer program of Los Angeles and Santa Barbara to his Neverland Ranch.
May 6, 1991: Michael is invited to the Jane Goodall Charity event. Michael supports her, an advocate of behavioral research concerning chimpanzees in Gombe, Nigeria for more than 30 years.
July 26, 1991: Michael pays a visit to the Youth Sports & Art Foundation in Los Angeles. This Foundation supports families of gang members, and helps dealing with drug-abuse. Michael talks to the kids and presents them with a wide-screen TV set and a financial gift.
December 1991: Michael's office MJJ Productions treats needy families in Los Angeles with more than 200 turkey dinners.
February 1992: Within 11 days Michael covers 30,000 miles in Africa, to visit hospitals, orphanages, schools, churches, and institutions for mentally handicapped children.
February 3, 1992: At a press conference at the New York Radio City Music Hall, Michael announces that he is planning a new world tour, to raise funds for his new "Heal The World" Foundation. This Foundation will support the fight against AIDS, Juvenile Diabetes and will support the Camp Ronald McDonald and the Make A Wish Foundation.
May 6, 1992: Michael defrays the funeral-expenses for Ramon Sanchez, who was killed during the Los Angeles riots.
June 23, 1992: At a press conference in London, Michael makes an announcement about his Heal The World Foundation.
June 26, 1992: Michael presents the Mayor of Munich, Mr. Kronawitter, with a 40,000 DM-check for the needy people of the city.
June 29, 1992: Michael visits the Sophia Children's Hospital in Rotterdam and presents a check for 100,000 pounds.
July 1992: Michael donated L. 821,477,296 to La Partita del Cuore (The Heart Match) in Rome and donated 120,000 DM to children's charities in Estonia and Latvia.
July 25, 1992: On the occasion of a concert in Dublin, Ireland, Michael announces that he will give 400,000 pounds of the tour earnings to various charities.
July 29, 1992: Michael visits the Queen Elizabeth Children's Hospital in London. To the surprise the children, he brings Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse from Euro-Disney to the hospital.
July 31, 1992: On the Eve of his second concert at Wembley Stadium, Michael presents Prince Charles with a check of 200,000 pounds for the Prince's Trust.
August 16, 1992: 6 year old Nicholas Killen, who lost his eyesight caused by a life aiding cancer surgery, meets Michael backstage in Leeds, England.
September 1992: Michael donated 1 million pesetas to charity headed by the Queen of Spain.
September 30, 1992: President Iliescu of Romania inaugurates a playground for 500 orphans which Michael has financed. Michael discusses his Heal The World Foundation.
October 1, 1992: Michael chooses a concert in Bucharest, Romania for worldwide television broadcast. Bucharest is a logical choice due to the numerous orphanages the country is known for.
November 24, 1992: At Kennedy Airport in New York, Michael supervises the loading of 43 tons of medication, blankets, and winter clothes destined for Sarajevo. The Heal The World Foundation collaborates with AmeriCares to bring resources totaling $2.1 million to Sarajevo. They will be allocated under the supervision of the United Nations.
December 10, 1992: During a press conference at the American Ambassy in Tokyo Michael is presented with a check for $100,000 for the Heal The World Foundation by Tour Sponsor Pepsi.
December 26, 1992: During a broadcast request for donations to the United Negro College Fund, Michael declares: "Black Colleges and Universities are breeding some of the leading personalities of our time. They are on top in business, justice, science and technologies, politics and religion. I am proud, that the Michael Jackson Scholarship Program enabled more than 200 young men and women to get a qualified education."
January 19, 1993: Michael is one of the stars to perform at the Presidential Inauguration of Bill Clinton. Before he sings "Gone Too Soon" he draws the attention to the plights of the victims of AIDS and mentions his friend Ryan White.
January 26, 1993: At a press conference held at Century Plaza Hotel in Century City, Los Angeles, Michael is presented with a $200,000 donation from the National Football League and the Sponsors of the Super Bowl. He gets another $500,000 from the BEST Foundation for his Heal The World Foundation. At this occasion the foundation of "Heal L.A." is officially announced.
February 1993: In association with Sega, launched an initiative to distribute more than $108,000 of computer games and equipment to children's hospitals, children's homes, and children's charities throughout the U.K.
March 1993: The foundation of an independent film company is announced. They will produce family-oriented movies. A part of the earnings will go to the Heal The World Foundation.
March 27, 1993: At a meeting at Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, Michael gives a 5-minute speech to 1200 teachers and politicians.
April 26, 1993: Within his "Heal LA" tour, Michael visits the Watta Health Foundation, and two schools in Los Angeles South Central.
May 5, 1993: Former President Jimmy Carter and Michael, who are chairmen of the "Heal Our Children/Heal The World" initiative, are in Atlanta to promote their "Atlanta Project Immunization Drive".
June 1993: Michael has announced that he will donate $1.25 million for children who have suffered from the riots in Los Angeles.
June 1993: 100 children from the Challengers Boys and Girls Club visit Neverland.
June 10, 1993: Michael promotes the new DARE-program. The purpose of the program is to inform children about the dangers of drug abuse.
June 18, 1993: Michael pays a visit to a hospital in Washington. He spends several hours with the young patients and plays chess with some of them.
August 1993: With Pepsi-Cola Thailand, donated $40,000 to Crown Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn's charity, the Rural School Children and Youth Development Fund, in support of school lunch programs in rural villages in Thailand.
August 1993: In conjunction with Pepsi-Cola International, donated new ambulances to the Contacts One Independent Living Center for Children in Moscow, Russia and the Hospital de Ninos Dr. Ricardo Gutierrez in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
October 1993: Donated $100,000 to the Children's Defense Fund, the Children's Diabetes Foundation, the Atlanta Project, and the Boys and Girl Clubs of Newark, New Jersey.
October 22, 1993: Michael visits a hospital in Santiago.
October 28, 1993: Michael makes it possible for 5000 underprivileged children to visit the Reino Aventura Park, where the whale Keiko ("Free Willy") is living.
November 5, 1993: Michael is guest at a children's party at the Hard Rock Cafe in Mexico City.
December 1993: With the Gorbachev Foundation, airlifted 60,000 doses of children's vaccines to Tblisi, Georgia.
December 16, 1993: The Heal The World Foundation UK supports "Operation Christmas Child" delivering toys, sweets, gifts and food to children in former Yugoslavia.
1994: Michael donates $500,000 to Elizabeth Taylor's AIDS Foundation.
January 7, 1994: On the weekend of Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday, Michael gives a party for more than 100 underprivileged children at his Neverland Ranch.
February 22, 1994: "The Jackson Family Honors" is televised. The earnings of the show are given to their own newly formed charity, "Family Caring for Families".
August 6, 1994: Michael and his wife Lisa Marie are visiting two children's hospitals in Budapest. They distribute toys to the ill children.
1995: Michael wants to free dolphins who have been locked up for years. He believes there should be legal guidelines about the way dolphins have to live in zoos and parks.
March 1995: Little Bela Farkas received a new liver. Michael and Lisa Marie met this 4-year-old boy during their trip to Hungary in 1994. Michael did everything to help Bela, whose only chance to live was getting a new liver. The Heal The World Foundation covered the surgery and the cost for caring.
June 21, 1996: Michael donated a four-times platinum disc of "HIStory" in aid of the Dunblane appeal at the Royal Oak Hotel, Sevenoaks in England.
July 18, 1996: In Soweto, South Africa Michael is laying down a wreath of flowers for youngsters who have been killed during the fights involving Apartheid.
September 1996: The first Sports Festival "Hope" was held for orphans and disadvantaged children. 3000 children and 600 volunteers took part in the Sports Festival and Michael Jackson was a special guest.
September 6, 1996: Michael visits the children's unit of a hospital in Prague.
October 1996: Michael visited a hospital for mentally challenged children in Kaoshiung, Taiwan and offered 2,000 free tickets to the sold out performance in Kaoshiung.
October 1, 1996: Michael donated the proceeds of his Tunisia concert to "The National Solidarity Fund", a charity dedicated to fighting poverty.
October 3, 1996: Michael visits a children's hospital and brings small gifts for the patients during a HIStory tour visit in Amsterdam. A room in the hospital (for parents who want to be with their children) is named after Michael.
November 1, 1996: Michael donates most of the earnings from a HIStory concert in Bombay, India to the poor people of the country.
November 7, 1996: Before his first concert in Auckland, New Zealand, Michael fulfills the wish of little Emely Smith, who is suffering from cancer, who wants to meet Michael.
November 25, 1996: Michael visited the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, delivering toys, signing autographs, and visiting with children.
December 9, 1996: During a HIStory tour visit in Manila, Michael visits a children's hospital. He announces that a part of his concert earnings will be donated to the renovation of the hospital.
January 25, 1997: Michael waved his personal fee for his Bombay appearance and donated $1.1 million to a local charity helping to educate children living in slums.
April 4, 1997: British magazine "OK!" is publishing exclusive photos of Michael's son Prince. The magazine pays about 1 million pounds for the photos. Michael donates the money to charity.
June 18, 1997: Michael signed the "Children in Need" book auctioned by the charity UNESCO.
September 1998: Michael meets 5 year old Aza Woods, who suffers from cancer, at the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas. Michael introduces Aza to the attraction "Star Trek: The Experience" and spends the rest of the afternoon with the little boy. Finally Michael invites Aza to spend some time with him at his Neverland Ranch.
November 16, 1998: Michael arrives in Harare, Zimbabwe. He is a member of the American Delegation invited by the Minister of Defense. The delegation thanks the government of Zimbabwe for helping to keep the peace in this area.
September 4, 1999: Michael presented Nelson Mandela with a check for 1,000,000 South African rand for the "Nelson Mandela Children's Fund."
January 22, 2000: During Christmas last year a violent storm ravaged the park of the Chateau de Versailles and destroyed 10,000 trees in the park. The estimated cost for rebuilding the park is around $20 million. Some celebrities are supporting the restoration of the park. French officials are reporting that Michael Jackson is one of them. He was one of the first people to donate money to this cause.
October 28, 2000:Michael painted a plate to be auctioned for the "Carousel of Hope Ball" benefiting childhood diabetes research.
March 6, 2001: Michael donated a black hat, a birthday phone-call and a jacket worn at the Monaco Music Awards in 2000 to the Movie Action for Children auction, an event being given by UNICEF with all proceeds will going to UNICEF's efforts to prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission in Africa.
March 26, 2001: Michael handed out books to young people at a Newark, NJ theater. The event, which helped to launch the Michael Jackson International Book Club, part of his new Heal the Kids charity, aims to promote childhood reading and encourage parents to return to reading bedtime stories.
September 15, 2002: Michael donated 16 exclusively autographed items consisting of CD's, videos and 2 cotton napkins to aid in the support of the victims of a severe flood in Germany. These items were auctioned off for charity and managed to raise 3935 Euro (US$ 3,814).
October 12, 2002: Michael Jackson invited more than 200 Team Vandenberg members, who recently returned from overseas deployments, and their families to his Neverland Ranch. This was to show his appreciation for the sacrifices the military in his community make.
November 19-29, 2002: Michael donated an autographed teddy bear dressed in his likeness to Siegfried & Roy's celebrity teddy bear auction. This auction benefits Opportunity Village which is a non-profit organization based in Las Vegas (USA) that enhances the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families. Michael's autographed teddy bear raised $5,000 for the charity.
November 21, 2002: Michael donated a jacket to the The Bambi Charity Event in Berlin which raised $16,000.
April 25, 2002: Michael Jackson performed at a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee at the Apollo Theater in Harlem helping to raise nearly $3 million dollars towards voter registration.
June 2003: The Wolf family, who experienced serious damages to their belongings during the flood in Saxony, Germany last August, was invited to Berlin by Michael Jackson when he was at the Bambi Awards. On that occasion Michael invited them to Neverland. In June, they spent three days at Neverland, meeting Michael and his children.
Charity Awards
May 14, 1984: At a ceremony in the White House President Reagan presents Michael an award for special efforts; he is honored for his participation in a national ad campaign against drunk driving.
January 1989: The "Say Yes To A Youngsters Future" program honors Michael in recognition of his efforts to encourage children to natural sciences and award him with the "National Urban Coalition Artist/Humanitarian Of The Year Award".
March 1989: At the Universal Amphitheater in Universal City, California, Michael receives the Black Radio Special Award for his humanitarian efforts.
September 22, 1989: The Capital Children's Museum awards Michael with the Best Of Washington 1989 Humanitarian Award in recognition of his efforts to raise money for the museum, and for his never-ending support of children.
February 3, 1990: From Japan Michael receives a Role Model Award.
April 5, 1990: During a ceremony, where Michael is awarded as "Entertainer Of The Decade", Michael meets President George Bush, who honors him with the "Point Of Light" award. Michael receives this award for his philanthropic activities. President Bush explains Michael's humanitarian commitments to the press.
September 14, 1990: The Council of the American Scouts honors Michael with the first "Good Scout Humanitarian Award". Michael receives this award for his humanitarian activities by supporting the Make A Wish Foundation, the Prince's Trust, the United Negro College Fund and Childhelp USA.
October 23, 1990: Michael Jackson and Elton John will be the first recipients of the award in memory of Ryan White, which will be handed over in 1991.
May 1, 1992: President George Bush presents Michael with the "Point of Light" award for his continuing support of deprived children. During his stay, Michael visits little Raynal Pope, who had been injured very badly by dogs.
June 3, 1992: The organization "One To One", who is caring for better living conditions of young people, honors Michael with an award for his commitment to deprived youngsters.
July 1993: The American Friends of Hebrew University honors Michael with the Scopus Award 1993.
August 1993: The Jack The Rapper Awards are presented and Michael is honored with the "Our Children, Our Hope Of Tomorrow" award.
November 17, 1993: Michael rejects the Scopus Award. He was nominated for this award, which was planned to be given him on January 29th, 1994.
April 12, 1994: On occasion of the 2nd Children's Choice Award ceremony at Cit Center in New York, Michael is presented with the "Caring For Kids" award. This award is to honor celebrities, who take time for young people. 100,000 children and young people from 8 to 18 years old gave Michael their vote of confidence. The Children's Choice Awards are sponsored by Body Sculpt, a charity organization, that offers drug-prevention programs for young people.
November 2, 1995: Michael receives the award "Diamont of Africa".
March, 30, 1996: The Ark Trust-Foundation, who wants to draw the attention of the public eye on animal's problems, presents the 10th Genesis Award. Michael is presented with the 1995 Doris Day Award. He gets this award for the "Earth Song" video, which draws attention to the plight of the animals.
May 1, 1999: At the Bollywood awards in New York, Michael is presented with an award for his humanitarian activities. The award is signed: "Though he comes from the young American tradition, Michael is the embodiment of an old indian soul. His actions are an expression of the philosophy of Weda, which asked to work for the people - not for one's own interests."