Friday, March 22, 2013

Health and Beauty - NitetrotterTV Session

Text and Video By Nathan Gregory, Illustration by Jorge Tapia - March 22, 2013

When I traveled down to shoot this session with Brian who is Health and Beauty, I did not really have anything in mind. We just set up in his lonely living room with him playing on a piano bench. His beautiful and loving dog Betty did the rest. As Brian played some of the most beautiful songs his dog laid softly beside him. The love of the two quickly grew into the fun video session we tracked. During one of the songs the dog completely came up and sat in my lap. It took all of my strength to not burst out last laughing until the song ended and Brian looked up and chuckled. The session then concluded with some drinking of shitty alcohol the neighbors had. We did our best to capture the emotion and talent that Health and Beauty has to offer. Always popping up around town for different shows, Health and Beauty shows are not to miss and will leave you in aww of his spectacular songwriting.

Shot on location at Health and Beauty house in Little Village in Chicago, IL.