Saturday, September 13, 2014

Riot Fest Day One Review

Text Mr. Nitetrotter - September 13, 2014

Well my comrades and I had a late start to Riot Fest 2014. Our uber guy took the slow roads and dropped us off far away to arrive to a giant mud party. Missed PUSSY RIOT(aren't they funded by the ford foundation?)

 So walking in I got there to catch a song of SENSES FAIL. I don't remember this band and I really didn't like it, a little too screamo and not enough scram. Got to catch the end of NOFX. They kind of sucked live but it was cool. It was basically what you would expect. Not sure how much cocaine FAT MIKE was on but he seemed to be having a good time.

The next band I saw was GOGOL BORDELLO. This was ok but a little too stadium rock for me so I accidentally got split from the group and booked it for greener pastures. Remind you I was doing this no map all commando with a broken cell phone at this giant park and really not caring to know what bands were playing. To my surprise I hear some familiar organ work.

It was MURDER CITY DEVILS. They are still great and rocking hard even in a moderate downpour. Great real dark unforgettable rock songs that bring back memories of a friend roller skating down whirling thunder. Serious drinking music.

After that I heard a sound from another stage that I remembered from 5th grade and it was THE OFFSPRING. I couldn't even really see them because of the massive crowd but I was able to get a good listen of the band and sing alongs while I ate my chips soaked in vinegar. I remember reading somewhere they were one of the biggest pop punk bands in the world. Weird.

So I am trying to find my friends and nursing a strongbow. I popped in to the freak show and walked out and started trying to find the SLAYER stage. While walking around I followed another pack of people trying to find the SLAYER stage walking through JANES ADDICITION(who seemed stadium as fuck and slightly out of place) and walked to a stage I thought was SLAYER. The band came out and it was RISE AGAINST. You know normally I would maybe watch a song but were talking about SLAYER. I turned around and joined another pack of people looking for SLAYER on false directions. We finally found them and they seemed to be the big headliner. They rocked just as I remember them 10 years ago.

I am looking forward to tomorrow and hope to maybe catch the Modfather.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Featured Album: BRICKLAYERS FOUNDATION - "Computer Time"

Text Rett Ortentin - 9/12/14

Fresh wild offering from BRICKLAYERS FOUNDATION. Some of this reminds me of the KINKS , The WHO, TELEVISION PERSONALITIES or something. I really like all the weird assorted psychedelia mixed with solid pop songs that have some really big hooks treading in to bedroom pop territory. Do yourself a favor and listen to this.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Featured Video: GREAT VALLEY - "Outerspace Garden"

Text Rett Ortentin - September 10, 2014

Video from nite alumni GREAT VALLEY who have a new album out on FORCED TUBE RECORDS.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

ROYAL SON OF A GUNS - "Thieving Lying Blood"

Text Rett Ortentin - September 7, 2014

Great new album from our favorite Chicago dark Americana/rockabilly trio. "Thieving Lying Blood" is a very eclectic collection of songs with warm recordings and tight compositions. Digging the kind of strut this band has. They would sound great at some dicey roadhouse in the middle of nowhere. I could see someone getting stabbed during "Five Hundred Horses". Until then you can catch them in two hours at Reggies.

Saturday, September 6, 2014


Text - Rett Ortetin - September 7, 2014

SIOUX CITY PETE is a badass. He makes really dark blues punk and is constantly stomping his raw evil americana in living rooms and basements throughout the land. I have been following this man since the Chickenhawks and when he still lived in Sioux City. Always a true rocker and his persona is not easily forgotten. He always has a heavy band that is loud as fuck.

This album is very good and focused. We always look forward to hearing new stuff from Pete who is recommended by JUSTIN PEARSON.

Editorial: Was Joan Rivers really murdered as an Illuminati sacrifice on Beyonce's 33rd birthday?

Text Mr. Nitettrotter - September 7, 2014


We'll it was a crazy work week here at the Nitetrotter office. We are pretty sure we are on the verge of being put on a government watch list. On the news of Joan Rivers death we have decided to end Nitetrotter. On December 31st, 2014 Nitetrotter will have a new name.

Joan Rivers called Obama gay and Michelle Obama a transexual and was dead in two months. Coincidentally it happened on the 33rd birthday of Beyonce(known Illuminati monarch slave?). Well that is if you believe all that bullshit.

We plan on upping it for our last lap and hopefully bring some old collaborators back on board. Look out for that!


Featured Album: COUSIN DUD - "The Faded"

Text Gina - September 7, 2014

Minnesota transplants COUSIN DUD are playing the EMPTY BOTTLE on Wednesday. You should go. Expect more whirling whoozing bluegrass folk fury.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Well we are apparently RACIST now :( so we have decided to call it quits

Text NITETROTTER - September 3, 2014

Well with all the hate mail we received today after posting the Joe Queer interview we have decided to call it quits. Its been a nice 5 years. We will still post some things but plan to stop by the end of 2014.

If anyone wants to buy this blog please get in touch.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

They haven't crucified him yet... a candid interview with JOE QUEER

Interview via email by Mr. Nitetrotter - September 2, 2014

We wrote Joe to give him chance to defend himself and pick his brain a little on why so many people suddenly hate him. To our surprise he actually wrote us back. If you have just tuned in JOE QUEER has been accused of being racist and even compared to the KKK by IMPOSE MAGAZINE. 

I assumed that the main reason you were playing devil's advocate for the police 
officer is that you have fans or maybe friends who are cops and have evolved 
your thinking from the basic tribalist punk view? 

We have fans and some pals that are police officers yeah. Not a ton or anything. I know maybe 4 or 5. Only 2 I talk to somewhat regularly. I really wasn't trying to be devil's advocate. I honestly had no idea anyone would even notice that I put a Like on that cop's support page. I didn't think it was anything really. So I had no thought of inciting people for or against me. It hit me like a ton of bricks when the guy called me a racist publicly. I couldn't believe it. What this has taught a lot of us is be your own person and don't make a decision based on popular opinion. I wasn't trying to piss anyone off-I just think this time around the officer was attacked and justified protecting himself. And there's certainly enough evidence that I've found to at least keep an open mind about it. Saying I supported the cop this time was apparently the litmus test on who is racist or not. If I stick up for the cop I'm racist-I love all cops-hate all blacks and support police brutality. It's ridiculous.

How do you feel about the police in general? Have you seen a shift over the years? 

Eh there's good cops and bad cops. I don't condemn all cops everywhere or love all cops everywhere. A lotta people have this generalized opinion ingrained in their head that all police are bad and they're not at all. There's plenty of times I've been pissed a cop shot some citizen needlessly and not been charged. I don't see a shift but there are so many cops getting shot and so many more guns on the streets that the cops have responded in like. They wanna go home to their 
families as well as everyone else.

Do you think Ferguson was a psychological operation in order to advance the federalization of police and further erode local control? IE they have been militarized and were ordered to stand down during looting but shoot protestors and reporters with rubber bullets/gas. It happened in a very controlled area not somewhere like Chicago where children are gunned down regularly. 

Psychological operation no. I doubt highly they thought that deeply into it. Cops at times are fucking bullies. If you have a chief that's a heavy handed motherfucker than the other guys will follow suit a lotta the time. When it's bad it's bad. The whole militarization of cops is insane a lotta the time. Do we need a tank in every town and hamlet and village in the USA? I've seen where we have a small little tiny town-barely a town where nothing ever happens good or bad-and they have a tank! Just outside Atlanta. Where is it gonna end? The looters and protesters were totally wrong. The cops showing up in full battle regalia with grenade launchers and combat vehicles were totally wrong as well. They're both wrong. By everyone focusing on the cops showing up with tanks and combat shit they seem to have given a free ride to the other side which is if those idiots were orderly or at least not looting and burning things around town the cops probably wouldn't have shown up all gangbusters. I may be wrong. Hardly anyone has given the looters shit though. And the rubber bullets tear gas thing yeah rubber bullets come on. Tear gas-hit 'em with water hoses-don't shoot rubber bullets-they're not needed. It was retarded. The whole thing is fucked 

So basically you think since this guy stole a box of blunts and attacked a cop giving him a black eye so it was reasonable for the cop to defend himself?

OH people saying he only stole a box of cigars and was unarmed are not telling the whole story at all. Not from what I hear. I may be wrong. But saying he was unarmed the poor child-isn't telling the truth. First off it doesn't matter if he stole the Hope diamond or a box of cigars. He stole them and was a thug and a fucking bully to the tiny little store clerk. You can see that much on the video. He wasn't a nice guy in spite of everyone bending over backwards saying he was. It doesn't take much of a stretch of the imagination to see that thug on video robbing the store attack a cop. Michael Brown was 6'2" or 6'4" and 292lbs. That guy doesn't need a gun to be dangerous. I heard the cop saw him and his pal walking in the middle of the street. He asked them to move over and they said no. He pulled over to get out and talk to them. At that point on his radio a call came in saying a store was robbed by 2 black guys-one huge-that took a box of cigars. He sees Brown carrying a box of what appears to be cigars. He goes to get out of the patrol car and Brown slams the door shut. He attempts to get out again and at that point Brown jumped in the car after him and a struggle ensued. At one point they both had their hand on the cop's gun and it went off. At that point Brown and his pal ran off about 30' away. Brown turned around and taunted the officer saying shoot me shoot me etc. The cop had his gun on Brown and was apparently saying get on the ground or freeze. At this point out of the blue MIchael brown-292lbs-came charging full blast back at the officer at which point he was shot. So people shouldnt' cherry pick this shit and say oh he was unarmed and it was only a box of cigars or cigarettes. He wasn't shot over a pack of cigarettes at all. He was shot cos he jumped the cop and went for his gun and came charging back at the guy. Now I am basing this info on what I have read and what I heard from a woman friend of the Officer's family who got the story straight from the cop and his wife and did a radio interview that I linked to on here somewhere. I choose to believe it. You don't have to. It could be BS. But me-in my opinion-I think it's true. There's so much more than  a cop shooting an unarmed guy for a pack of cigarettes I mean come on. And who cares if he gave him a black eye or a busted eye socket anyway? It's not what he stole or how badly injured the cop was. That's not what happened at all. 292lbs and he was twice the size of the cop apparently. And had tussled over the cop's gun. If that's what happened I say he was totally justified in protecting himself. That's why I am thinking this isn't police brutality. I may be wrong. So might everyone else thinking it was police brutality. Not every police shooting is police brutality. Everyone takes this one size fits all view of a cop shooting someone and it's not right at all. Every situation is different. None of them are the same. Man I am a liberal person-liberal as hell-but I  look at things thru my eyes-not as a liberal or a right winger or black or white-I call them as I see 'em. From what I am basing my opinion on the cop was justified. If it comes out it went down differently I'll be with everyone else saying this fucking cop was wrong. I usually am against these police shootings anyway. I don't run around sticking up for cops much if at all. Matter of fact I don't think I ever have stuck up for a cop shooting someone. But I have an open mind. And that's how I see it. You may feel different I respect that. But let's respect everyone. I'm called a racist for all this? That's racist right there if you ask me.

How do you feel about the government in general? 

Government is overboard and there's just too much of it. So many politicians get caught stealing and taking bribes it's just really sad. A lotta cops are the same way when I grew up if I got caught with beer at 16 they'd take me home and talk to my Dad and the cop and my Dad would give me a lecture. Now a days cops will bust you for the most foolish shit that should just be a slap on the wrist. Or at least a get out of jail free card and a lecture. It really sucks. Before you respected cops and a lotta politicians-not all of course-but for the most part there were a lot of honorable public employees out there. Teachers were very respected and considered a backbone of society in the towns they worked in. You looked up to them. If you got in trouble you didn't go get a lawyer or go on the Montel Williams show or call your House Representative. Kids nowadays just yell and swear and seem to have no respect for teachers. And the parents back the kids up!  My wife's a teacher and my fill in drummer is a para pro teacher so I have firsthand knowledge from them on a lotta stuff. A lotta the inner city schools are like that with underpriveledged black kids. Its not cos they're black-they're just underpriveledged a lotta times-no father figure-broken homes-live in a bad area with gangs-they just don't have the opportunities a lot of us do. That doesn't make a white person bad. But that's a whole other can of worms on how to fix it and I'll be honest I have no clue. I really don't.

How long has this been going on where anyone you doesn't go along with the 
establishment "liberal punk PC" talking points of getting rid of the government and replacing it with even more government? Has it always been this PC?

Oh man no. Kids were way more open-minded to both sides of an argument. They didn't look at things as black and white but right and wrong. And made their own opinion. Nowadays it's just like a flock of sheep. All follow each other. Punk was about being an individual. You stuck with what you believed in whether it was popular or not. Sometimes you were called a nut-but everyone knew none of us were racist. No one would ever consider you a racist for taking one side of an argument or the other. They knew you made the decision on right and wrong and not who was white and who was black. I honestly think white people have it so ingrained into their psyche that black people are oppressed and they are the victims and always right. And white people are doing the oppressing of the blacks and all white people who say a word against a black person is doing it because they hate blacks and are racist. It's like no middle ground. Look at this mess I'm in. Some dude-I have never met-saw I liked this cop's support FB page-from that I have been called a racist-been threatened-accused of loving all cops and I approve of police brutality and all police shootings are good etc. I think it's all cos people have it drilled into their heads that all blacks are victims. And of course they're not. The ultra left wing nazis have people so scared to say the slightest thing against a black person that a huge part of the population in the USA is terrified of speaking their own mind for fear of getting called a racist. Like I have been. These people are actually racist against whites for taking away our right to say how we think without fear of repercussion. To me they're the racists. They think they're so open minded and they're the most close minded fucks on the planet. It's unreal it really is.

Why is there such a concerted effort to throw YOU under the bus? 

Eh who fucking knows. I think it goes back to being ingrained in everyone's skull that blacks are always victims. I think everyone against me is making their decision on the color of the skin. I honestly bet not a damn thing would have been said if the cop was black and the Brown kid white. Do you think there would have any outrage then? Of course there wouldn't have been. Cos people wanna pretend they're on such a high moral plane above all us other saps like me out here who dare to say a word against a black person. That's what it gets down to. The cop was white and the kid was black. They'd  never admit it in a million years-even to themselves. But that's all it is and also they are so biased against police these days cos it's the cool thing to do they have lost all objectivity when making a decision on some things. I've explained why I think it's not police brutality and the cop was justified. I've posted the radio interview with the cop's family friend who said she got the story straight from them. And I have seen the video showing Michael Brown was no saint and tells me yeah this guy would jump a cop. I'm not going to give him the benefit of the doubt. He's a fucking bully and a thug! We can see it in the video. If people were thinking straight I believe most of them would at least have a wait and see attitude on this. They love to say oh you jumped to conclusions etc but as soon as they heard white cop shot unarmed black kid they had the cop convicted. I at least have shown some solid proof as to why I reached my opinion in all this. No one on the other side as shown me a thing to say otherwise. They just call me a racist some more. Instead of going after actual real racists like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and Quanell X they go after me. I'm an easy target. Sharpton and Jackson are the two biggest racists in this country and these left wing liberals don't dare to say a word against them. Cos the kneejerk reaction would be you're against them you're against us-we hate you. Can you imagine me saying the stuff Sharpton says about white people and saying it about blacks? Oh god. I'd be killed. No one dares to call them racists for fear of getting attacked. Otherwise you'd get a ton of shit against them.

Have you ever read the book 1984 and if so what are your views on it? I ask this because you seem to be getting attacked by a horde of androgynous pc authoritarians. 

Yes of course many times. Great book. I think these people on the left wing who are so sure they are right, have made a lot of people terrified to voice their opinion without fear of getting attacked for their views. So by shutting down a huge part of the population from being able to speak their views it's exactly like 1984. Look at these nuts. I didn't think like them on this one issue and I get called a racist and everything else. If I don't think like them I'm against them. They are right and they are the arbiters of what is right and what is wrong. There is no grey area ever. Black people good white cop bad. This is police brutality and a murder and there will be no discussion. None! Those left wing nuts are from 1984. Nazi shit if you ask me. You are either with us or you like Jews. Jews are bad. You must not have any other opinion or you will be attacked for your views. What's so different from these left wing nuts telling me I'm racist.? I have no doubt the nazis told jewish supporters they would be shot and they were wrong and they were racist against their own kind in WW2. The government had the only voice that was heard. Theirs. These left wing nuts are as close minded as the nazi party.

Why do so many people in punk bands screaming about getting rid of the government go 
on to be big liberal straw men? Fat Mike being against George Bush but supports Obama who has done nothing different if not worse with endless proxy war, eroding of civil liberties, and total defiance of the constitution while hiding behind the color of law. Sam McPheeters of Born Against writes pieces in the Huffington Post about how the government is good. You seem to have a dissenting opinion so all the lower level lackeys/political hacks come after you?  

Yeah being a punk was all about using your own brain. It wasn't about listening to anyone else. You made your own decisions. Popular or not. To have these people get onstage and denounce or support one candidate or another to me is so conceited and pompous and I hate that shit. I don't go to a NOFX show (mind you I don't go anyway)but I wouldn't go to hear Fatso's views on who should be president. He's a spoiled rich kid in a lame punk band. Why does he know any more than me or you or any kid in the audience about who to vote for? He sits on his ass in his mansion snorting blow and how does that give him special insight into politics that gives him the right to tell people? It doesn't. I didn't go to a Clash show to hear what Joe Strummer thought about the fucking Labor Party. Or Anti Flag. Fuck those guys too. Politics is a shtick for these bands. Who's that other lame fucker-oh Ted Leo. He was politicial. Like he's another Woody Guthrie. Got nothing to sing about so I'll be political! Yay. I have a shtick. Come the fuck on. Fuck everyone getiting on a soapbox in the punk community on who to vote for or what to think. Fucking hypocrites. I voted twice for Obama and if I had to do it again I'd vote for Romney and Republicans. If for no other reason than I have never seen in my 50 odd some years racial tension as bad as it is now. It hasn't gotten better-it's way worse. And we have a black president! Yet they're still not satisfied! MLK's wife said this year at some MLK birthday party here in Atlanta that 'racism is alive and will in the USA' implying all white people are racist. Yeah racism is alive and well. And the most racists now are black people and left wing nazis in my views. From firsthand experience because my skin is white I say this but hey you can take that shit out if you want. My views are my views and I don't say these to influence anyone but to explain why I think the way I do. Sorry to get off track here............

How do you feel about all this racial tension? Do you think its a mechanism of 
control why or why not?  

Yes it is a way to control people. They're completely trained to think all white people are bad racists and blacks are victims. And none of these supposedly open minded liberal fuckers understand they are the racist ones not me.

Any plans of channeling this political energy into a future song?

Eh probably not. But maybe I'll write one song. That'll be it though. I'm not a preachy kind of guy.

Featured Video: EVASIVE BACKFLIP - "Chewbacca Speed Metal"

Evasive Backflip - Chewbacca Speed Metal from Diem Ngo on Vimeo.

Text NITETROTTER - September 2, 2014

New track from our favorite bizarro post rockers EVASIVE BACKFLIP.

Featured Video: JEEPNEYS - "Magnetics"

JEEPNEYS - MAGNETICS from Jeepneys AnnaLuisa on Vimeo.

Text NITETROTTER - September 2, 2014

New video by the bay area's JEEPNEYS. Total spiderman acid track.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Joe Queer still being called racist/etc

Text Mr. Nitetrotter - August 28, 2014

Well this PC punk witch hunt just keeps heating up. The other day Impose magazine ran a hit piece on Joe Queer comparing him to the KKK(hey he was buddies with GG Allin?). The next day they let Joe defend himself in a petty and passively hostile Q&A. The guy went from trying to make him sound racist to like he's some kind of authoritarian cop sympathizer obviously challenging his punkness or something. 

Apparently the controversy arrises because of a comment made about officer Wilson in the Michael Brown case. He says he thinks the officer was doing his job etc. Impose went on to compare the likes on his post versus the hundred of likes on Don Giovanni Records anti Joe Queer/Ben Weasel post. 

It almost seems as there is some kind of communist conspiracy to try and alienate supposed "right wing" punk rockers. Next he will get audited or something.

Is the trendy tar and feathering of Joe Queer a pr stunt for a fledgling asexual label who apparently buys Facebook ads? Some kind of existential envy because he has dissenting opinions from the supposed liberal pc punk narrative? Who knows... group hugs are creepy.

MIJA @The Egg

Featured Album: ME JANE - "ISON"

Text Joey Collins - August 28, 2014

A pleasantly surprising album from Chicago's ME JANE. Jangly post punk arrangements mixed with tight almost 90s pop punk esque vocals. Its got just enough complex texture without getting boring.  Complete with catchy melodies, no wave digressions, lively gang vocals and harmonies. Can't wait to hear more.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

PC punk rocker Joe Steinhardt Challenges Recess and Asian Man to put Pop Punk Veterans on Ice

Text Mr. Nitetrotter - August 26, 2014

Some guy from some label we have never heard of is not very happy with BEN WEASEL and JOE QUEER of SCREECHING WEASEL and THE QUEERS. He is challenging their labels to drop them due to their alleged hate speech. You may remember a couple of years ago at SXSW when BEN WEASEL punched a woman who threw ice at his face during a FAT WRECK CHORDS showcase. He was then chased by a mob of trendies out of Austin. People were pissed and the fat guy from SOUND OPINIONS loved it.

We find this kind of funny since it happens to seem intertwined with the ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE or at least has some kind of ice theme. Heres what JOE STEINHARDT of DON GIOVANNI RECORDS had to say.

"Forget the Ice Bucket Challenge. I challenge two labels, Recess Recordsand Asian Man Records to completely disassociate with sexist, racist, and homophobic punk bands like The Queers and Screeching Weasel. It is ridiculous that anyone legitimate would be working with them to release their music after the long-term pattern (note: not isolated incidents) of sexist, racist, and homophobic crap they spew online and offline. Mike and Todd, you can do better. Mike, the things Joe Queer writes on his facebook and says at shows goes completely against your mission of working "with bands that are ANTI-RACIST, ANTI-SEXIST, ANTI-PREJUDICE, and who support the ideas of peace and unity" that has always been one of the most inspiring aspects of your label. And Todd, Screeching Weasel's current behavior goes far beyond "shock punk" or whatever the hell he thinks it is.

I also grew up a fan of Screeching Weasel and The Queers and it took me a while to come to terms with my fandom vs. the current actions of the band members. But as isolated incidents that I tried to chalk up to people saying stupid things or doing stupid things slowly became patterns of sexist racist and homophobic behavior over the course of the last 5 years I have been forced associate these bands with nothing but their sexism, racism, and homophobia.

There is a place in music for shock, and there is a place in art for free speech. But there is also a place in music for calling on others to stop giving power and a voice to people spewing hate speech, and so I am calling on you Recess and Asian Man to do better and disassociate with The Queers and Screeching Weasel.

-Joe Steinhardt // Don Giovanni Records"

Without reading these supposed racist, homophobic and other hate speech on Facebook we will have to  assume this is some kind of PC fanaticism by Mr. Steinhardt but who knows.

Featured Album - ADVERTISING - "Pull"

Text  Sarah Smith - August 26, 2014

Fresh weird spacey asymmetrical post pop from these lads. From hints of a post punk Beatles to total atonal composition this is very interesting. Another fine release by PRISON ART

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Society collapsing? Have no fear NITETROTTER is here!

Text Mr. Nitetrotter - August 20, 2014

With the manufactured social collapse of America looming we decided to rise to the occasion. We are turning NITETROTTER up in to high gear. Have no fear, we will be posting daily until we get on some list and the feds shut us down or DAYTROTTER sues us. Somehow in these strange days the former seems more likely than the latter.

MR. FOREFINGER to release split 7" with NONNIE PARRY

Text Geodesic Gina - August 20, 2014

CHICAGO, IL - Mr. Forefinger announced today that he will be releasing a highly anticipated split 7" with local t-shirt rockers NONNIE PARRY. The split will be released on the up and coming diy label EXOTIC AQUATIC. The record is due out by the end of the year. Sounds great!

Featured Album: PSYCHIC ATTACK - "Granite Sander"

Text - Mr. Nitetrotter - August 20, 2014

Chicago's PSYCHIC ATTACK is a nice collection of heavy psychedelic improvisation filled with relentless double bass attack, progressive drums, and weird guitar. Tight driving compositions from this band. It almost has an instrumental RUDIMENTARY PENI or deep Greg Ginn Black flag vibe.

Monday, August 18, 2014


Text Mr. Nitetrotter - August 19, 2014

These young canadians emailed us about a show and we happily obliged. They put on a great show for their group of fans who came from the far reaches of the north side to our remote compound in Pilsen. Right as this show happened their 7" record on FAT WRECK CHORDS came out which had some kinda of PR bomb attached putting our house all over the pop punk internet. Supposedly Fat Mike found out about them from the real life paraplegic inspiration for the NOFX song "Nubs" who also from Ontario really liked THE DIRTY NIL and passed the record to Mike who fell in love with these boys. Good luck to them with their extremely catchy weird as fuck pop punk. These songs got stuck in my head for weeks.

Featured Track: LOVE COP - "Lets Get High and Fuck"

Text - Geodesic Gina

This is a fine track from LOVE COP featuring EMOTIONAL(MELTED TOYS). Drenching with melancholic vocal melodies with apathetic overtones. This sounds like it could be background music in a dark Pete and Pete episode. Kind of like a child like acid flashback. GNAR TAPES 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014



COOL OFF - serious punk attitude out of the Quad Cities

NONNIE PARRY  - fuzz punk motherfuckers

DIODE MILLIAMPERE - Chicago's interweb darling  90s acid flashback dance music

CHRIS COLESLAW - fucked folk



1366 n Milwaukee