Monday, January 24, 2011

Trenton Willey - NITETROTTER Session

Engineering Nathan Gregory / Illustration Jorge Tapia / Text Mr. Nitetrotter - January 24, 2011

Trenton is one of the most in your face comedic personalities in the game! He is currently living somewhere in California inside a tent. Last summer Trenton was followed around for a Mtv True Life special on 'Sugar Babies'(younger men who date older women). Well Trenton digs older women right out of the grave. The filming centered around his relationship with a nice older woman and often resulted in real life comedic chaos like a comedy moshpit.

I first stumbled upon this legend at the Ball Hall in Chicago a few years ago where he was puking up bibles while sporting dyed blue hair. We didn't catch his name and for a long time just referred to him as "Blueberry Top". The years went by and we got to know him finding out that he is a great guy who will keep you laughing all night. For some reason every time Trenton stops by Schwag City he does something crazy in our bathroom.

Keep your eye out for this guy he gets around and leaves his mark. GOOD NITE

Recorded at Schwag City Studios Chicago

Mija - "Ike Demo" - Free Download

Text Mr. Nitetrotter - January 24, 2011

This collection of recordings comes to us via the East Moline based power trio Mija. These recordings were made as demos for Ikey Owens of Mars Volta/Free Moral Agents who just recorded Mija in San Francisco. The band drove straight out there to record, getting falsely charged with car theft and being thrown on the ground by the SFPD. They enjoyed their California stay and had to strap on chains to climb the mountains on the way back. We can't wait to hear that recording especially after these demos making it to NITETROTTER. Take note of the cover art which is a collaboration between John Olson of Wolf Eyes and Jorge Tapia.

Well folks enjoy and keep coming back. Watch out for Mija's full length coming out later this year.

Mija - "Mimes and Doctors" "Medusa(demo)" "Your Mouth Is Paved With Gems" "Ventrical Crown(Demo)" "The Switchblade Symphony" "Squids(Demo)" "Tail Of The Two Headed Sepent(Live)" "Mimes and Doctors" "The End To A Nine Year Plague" "Ahmira"

Originally released by Nail In The Coffin Records

Heavy Metal?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Trains in Amerika

Old Man Ladybug Or: Officer Rattlesnake - "Its Better To Burn Out Than Fade Away" - Free Download

Text Mr. Nitetrotter - Saturday January 22, 2010

A double dose in tribute to Mr. Beefheart. This is the studio album by Old Man Ladybug Or: Officer Rattlesnake and its even better than I remember! You can really tell most of these guys grew up playing together as this is so tightly loose. This recording is so abrasively jazzy too with its syncopated rhythms and expansive harmonies. The lyrics are definitely something to write home about, with sick babble like "Yesterday I won the lottery so I found the fanciest whore that I could find and made her suck me off in the most expensive hotel in this god forsaken city" Whoah.

This one is a crucial rager. Keep on trottin in the free world.

Old Man Ladybug Or: Officer Rattlesnake - "Concrete Shoes Blues" "Jennifer Jones and Her Rattling Bones" "Everlasting Life" "On Aging" "Sunny Day Day Dreaming" "Concrete Shoes Blues Again" "Moon Hymn" "Can You Feel It"

Originally Released by Nail In The Coffin Records

Who saw Ariel Pink on Jimmy Fallon

Just in case you missed this historic moment in molester pop here you go.

Weirdness via NITETROTTER TV

Old Man Ladybug or Officer Rattlesnake - Live On NITCO - Free Download

Text Mr. Nitetrotter - January 22, 2010

This was a short lived band that hit the quad cities like a frustrated teenage hurricane. This band features Padraig Steadman of Nude Sunrise as the front man. Take note of the sax from Zach Johnson.

Wow what a band. This was recorded at the AIDS Wolf show at Mixtapes. Hope you enjoy nitetrotters! SEE YOU IN HELL

Old Man Ladybug or Officer Rattlesnake - "Everlasting Life" "On Aging" "Can You Feel It" "On Being One/Concrete Shoes"

Originally Released by Nail In The Coffin

"Hey Man Is That Thing Fuming?"

Buoyant Sea - NITETROTTER Session

Illustration Stefania Cristina Emanuela Oldani / Sound Engineering Nathan Gregory / Text Mr. Nitetrotter - January 22, 2011

In November this one man wrecking machine stopped by Schwag City for a Schwagstock. He recorded a session that featured an anonymous dancer. He then played a furious set to a packed house and finally wowed us by leading a 8 hour karaoke marathon! FUCK YES this guy rules.

As always, live on! Enjoy this shit especially song 4 featuring Names Divine!

Buoyant Sea - "Song 1" "Song 2" "Song 3" "Song 4 featuring Call Me On The Allophone"

Recorded at Schwag City Studios Chicago

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jorge Anthony Tapia - "Mi Infierno" - Free Download

Text Sarah Smith - January 20, 2010

This bad boy of bedroom pop comes straight from our main horse's mouth... the famous Jorge Tapia. After being a main songwriter for quite a few bands he decided to release this album and was nice enough to let Nitetrotter give it away.

Jorge Tapia is a multi instrumentalist, composer and artist who has been consistently putting out art and music since his early teens in the late 90s. His most noteworthy bands include his current progressively latin influenced outfit Mija, outsider pop noise act Eyes, a defunct pop band named Humans, his legendary band that sounded like a straight edge youth crew band meets Wire named Only Ten Between Us( a play on the quad cities former area code system), and his teenage pop punk bands Paper Children and The Strict who were local teenage support for the most random bands in the 90s everyone from Modest Mouse to Charles Bronson. He also writes songs and produces his daughter Chica X's music.

This release is his first solo record under his real name. We love how this came out and hope to hear more. For more information on Jorge visit his blog.

Jorge Anthony Tapia - "Wrapped Up In Makeout Morgue" "Dubsittin" "Repetitive Child(You're Mine)" "Trapezoid Valley" "If Found Blue Do Not Resuscitate" "November Nights We're Just A Dream" "Bleddry" "Peasant" "The Regret" "Embarrassed" "Define"

Originally released by Nail In The Coffin Records