Monday, November 30, 2009

Breaking News

CHICAGO - Twenty-four hours after rolling into a bead and eating, and he was still extremely BAKED. Researchers at Kushman Tech say butt hash is twice as potent when ingested orally, when compared to smoking. It seems that a certain "Crazy" man whose name may/may not rhyme with "Barry" was right.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

EXPAND YOUR (MUSICAL) MIND: Classic Acid House Track No. 1


In an attempt to further blow the collective Nitetrotter "mind," I've decided to expose you all to some new music. It's not the everyday mindless Bitchpork/Daytrotter indie-cred hipster nonsense. No, this music is the melding of creative minds with integrated circuits, potentiometers, TB-303s, and vinyl.

Today's selected track is Phuture's "Acid Trax," one of the most seminal acid house tracks to ever be unleashed on the world. Phuture, which was an acid house production team in the 1980s, kept the Chicago house machine rolling by creating an entirely new and fresh sound that, while still house, was something new all the same.

Expand your music mind. Stop listening to the same thing over and over and over again. Listen to the past and future of Illinois.

Eyes fire saxophone player

EAST MOLINE - The Eyes have fired their saxophone player and are officially a two piece. They have also announced plans to tour with Blessure Graves in summer of 2010.

Echo and the Bunny Men record Daytrotter session

ROCK ISLAND - Echo and the Bunny Men recorded a Daytrotter session yesterday. 

Welcome back

We took a breather for a few days to head back to the Quad Cities. Thanks for all the positive feedback we have received on this blog. Everyone look forward for the article "The State of Billy Harris vs." coming soon. The Nitetrotter awards for 2009 will be announced soon. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mom gives Autistic child a 'weed brownie'

Heres a story about an autistic child who was given marijuana brownies with positive results. Full story

Schwag Science

Interesting Bits:
The Dutch guy who introduces the guest speaker. Tons of modern day neurological research is still being conducted with MDMA, psilocybin and even LSD. Good commentary about Timothy Leary, and his attempts to cover up important missteps associated with his psychedelic research. Information about the "Society For A Drug Free America" paying a woman to tell Lord Oprah and various mainstream publications that said she had evidence that she burnt holes in her brain, entirely because of her repeated hard drug use. That picture of the monk who took a bunch of Ecstasy in the mid '80s to help him meditate. The fact it's possible to get school credits for suing the DEA.

Reasons I Can't Make It Past the 35 Minute Mark:
The fact that Sweden is using ketamine and salvia in it's neurological research. Those awful fucking photoshops of "eHarmonie," a dating site for e-tards, and the picture of that fat guy pressing a MAPS application button on a massive fake iPhone. The picture of the guy hooked up to laser beams. It was also depressing to realize I had been watching a powerpoint presentation for over a half hour, which apparently less than 6 or 7 students attended. Mr. Doblin's white tunic.

"You Decide"® Nitetrotter Questionnaire:
So what did you learn by watching this hour and a minute long YouTube video? Did you regret not investing the same amount of time re-reading "Food of the Gods" by Terrance McKenna or any other other books Mr. Doblin recommends during his speech? Will psychedelics ever really be understood, accepted, or legalized in home sweet Amerika, or are these types of things illegal for a reason? Who is more long winded; myself or Prof. Doblins? Did you just hack up mucus and wipe it onto cigarette butts mounding in your overflowing ash tray like yours truly?

Whose death was more tragic: James Brown or Pimp C. Nitetrotter lets "You Decide.®"

2,000 hits in first week

Nitetrotter had 2,000 hits in our first week. We would like to thank everyone for the great response. More on the way soon! We are now on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Myspace.

Police arresting people just for their DNA

This is happening in the UK and we at Nitetrotter are not surprised. Read about the British Police's latest shenanigans. Full story

Featured band: Lord Green

The self proclaimed weed band of the Quad Cities is hitting the road for their "Thankstaking" tour. They have been catching quite the buzz in midwest thrash circles and are worth checking out. With members of Fork Knife Spoon, Killer Bear and Gryphyns. Look out for an upcoming 7" on Scenester Credentials recorded by Pat Stolley. Lord Green

Monday, November 23, 2009

VIDEO COLLECTION: The Jesus and Mary Chain

Before bands like Animal Collective and Health helped terms like "noise rock" and "noise pop" become commonplace, there were bands like the Jesus and Mary Chain. And, without further adieu, I give you 1980's England's feedback drenched answer to the Beach Boys:

And, here is a video where one of the Jesus and Mary Chain brothers makes fun of Morrisey!

On an unrelated note here's a weird French cover of the 13th Floor Elevators:

-jay feather

Have you ever heard of a CASSOWARY?

Stop checking your online social status for ten minutes and focus your thoughts on the Cassowary. These birds live in and around Australia, are obviously endangered by humans, and are staunch FRUGIVORES! Learn more about them here and here, or wherever you get your information, right now! But, before you do, check out a video of a Cassowary just trying to enjoy a day at the beach.

On a related note, the following is a video by Fuck Buttons, who's show with Growing was reviewed with some brevity by NITETROTTER contributor kraut stevens earlier in the week, featuring another flightless bird, the penguin.

Stay tuned in to NITETROTTER for my report on Egypt in Illinois called "Egypt Abound" throughout the week...

-jay feather

Cynthia McKinney's letter to Obama

Former Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney wrote this letter to Mr. Obama. You may know her as the woman who was captured by Israel while on a failed effort to deliver aide to Palestine.

Mr. President:

I am writing to urge you to announce an immediate cease-fire followed by a withdrawal of all US troops from Iraq and Afghanistan in the fastest way consistent with the safety of our forces.

I urge you to end the use of Predator drones that kill civilians.

I call upon you to cease all covert operations in Africa, Asia, and North and South America.

Too many of your military advisors are implicated in torture, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and crimes against the peace. Your Justice Department operates at the zenith of injustice, defending Bush Administration criminality in U.S. Courtrooms.

I wrote to you earlier suggesting that if you did not investigate the crimes of the Bush Administration, you would be viewed as their accessory. Sadly, war crimes and torture are now committed with your name on them.

Please bring our troops home now.

Cynthia McKinney

A peace demonstration is being organized for December 12, 2009 in Washington, D.C. The Emergency Anti-Escalation Rally, also known as the End US Wars Rally, is scheduled for 11am at Lafayette Park at the White House. I wholly endorse this rally and encourage all who can to participate in Washington, DC or to help a local peace organization committed to ending U.S. wars on that date.

For more information about the Washington, D.C. December 12, 2009 demonstration, please visit, currently under construction.

Ketamine snorting contest

Greetings from tha shadows! Fact: "Convictus" was my randomly generated verification code.

Have you ever entered a ketamine snorting contest?

Who was Marjorie Cameron?

The Whore of Babalon spent her suicidal teen years in Davenport, Iowa before being shipped off to the navy where her psychic art powers were exploited to kill the Japanese. Click on this wikipedia article to read all about how rocket scientist Jack Parsons and founder of Scientology L. Ron Hubbard performed sex magick on her in the 1940s. Marjorie Cameron
She comes in on this video at about 5:30

Ukranian Black Lung is something to look out for

Fat chance finding this information in American main stream media we had to get this from a Russian news show.

Watch Noel Gallagher get beat up by a drunk Canadian

This is a tad old but still weird. Maybe the guy was mad because of statements Oasis made against Jay Z.

This just in, Nitetrotter readers find both Obama and Indie Rock to be uncool

Latest polls featured on the Nitetrotter site have found that the majority of readers find both Obama and Indie Rock to be uncool. At this moment Obama seems to be the least cool.

Nitetrotter sessions

The rumors are true Nitetrotter is about to start unveiling a stream of recordings known as the 'Nitetrotter Sessions'. Get excited as some of these are the hottest bootlegs this side of the Mississippi!

'Clown Lady' passes away

Bill Wundram did a nice little piece on the clown lady find it here.

Nitetrotter is blowing up

Nitetrotter is busting at the seems. We would like to thank all our readers for our instant success. Please keep the tip line hot and expect a new layout, address, and staff soon!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Growing (ADR) and Fuck Buttons (ATP) delivered heavily loud and powerful performances last night at the Empty Bottle in Chicago. The night started off with Growing, performing a hypnotizing texture of loops and beats to satisfy my ears. Soon there after Fuck Buttons came to stage and my amazement so did the Pitchfork society of the world. Fuck Buttons brings heavy beats sat down behind soft synth melodies, heavy distorted concords and crowd pleasing screams. Both bands played amazing beyond the staple Pitchfork crowd power pumping to every noise.

Check out Growing on myspace at:
Also check out Fuck Buttons at:








-jay feather

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Is Obama cool? You decide!

Ukrainian Black Lung

CIA pays Opium kingpin

In the end of October the New York Times reported that the brother of the Afghan president, a known opium kingpin has been on the CIA payroll for 8 years. 

R. Stevie Moore - Women R Not Small Men

Another grade A video from lo-fi guru R. Stevie Moore.

The unfamiliar should watch this from 1978.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Reptilian Fury losing drummer

The well received and some what recently conceived Reptilian Fury is reportedly losing drummer Steve Maule. His last show is Wednesday in Davenport, Iowa at Tony Logan's birthday blowout. No exact word on who will be the replacement. We will keep you posted. Reptilian Fury myspace

Is indie rock cool? You decide!

Is indie rock cool?
Maybe free polls

CIA secret torture chamber found in Lithuania

Another one of those darn CIA secret prisons has been found in Lithuania. It was disguised as a horseback riding school and I am sure all that weird stuff the CIA is known around the universe for has all gone down. 

Mixtapes "Black Friday Fundraiser"

As you may of heard Mixtapes in East Moline is experiencing some financial problems. If in the Quad Cities over Thanksgiving Day weekend
make sure to stop by their fundraiser on Black Friday.

Link to event on Facebook

Thursday, November 19, 2009

CULTURE AND LANGUAGE: human constructs?

Check out this groovy 'TEDtalk' with primatologist Susan Savage-Rumbaugh (who I might add as a point of interest to all you Quad Citians conducts her research at the Great Ape Trust in Des Moines, Iowa...) concerning her work with bonobos. In short, Susan discusses the intelligence and arguably human-like nature of these peaceful primates. This of course brings up countless points of discussion relavent to the so-called 'human experience', but I will spare you my (probably) psychostimulant induced excitement and its accompanying rant. Cock stars and horny teen relics beware...bonobos fuck much more than you do and they do not fuck 'doggy style'.

AND if animal language and communication piques your interest in any way I encourage you to do some research on dolphin-speak wildman, genius John C. Lilly, especially if you have any interest in psychedelic drugs, sensory deprivation tanks, or consciousness in general...

*I don't want to post a lot of 'TEDtalk' videos, please check out their website...they have numerous videos that I have seen that are certainly worthy of at least a viewing...

-jay feather

WEIRD JAM OF THE WEEK: "Coconut" by Harry Nilsson

The official WEIRD JAM OF THE WEEK is Harry Nilsson's "Coconut"

The big O is no more, another sign of possible apocalypse

Oprah announced today that the last episode of the Oprah show will air in September of 2011. This corresponds with Mayan predictions of a possible apocalypse. The announcement coming after Oprah had her highest ratings in two years when an episode featuring Sarah Palin aired. On a side note, a Nitetrotter staff member called this yesterday!

BAND OF THE WEEK: Gatekeeper

Chicago's Gatekeeper is the Nitetrotter band of the week. They just released their debut full length "Optimus Maximus" on a German label. They plan to be touring Europe next year. For fans of movie soundtrack music. Quad Citians may remember Matthew Arkell from when he sang for Torch the Morgue.

Guantanamo Bay, Illinois

Some prisoners currently housed in the U.S.'s 'vacation bible school for terrorists' in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba may be coming to the currently vacant Thompson Correctional Facility in north western Illinois in order to be prosecuted on U.S. soil. Many of the detainees currently being held captive in Guantanamo Bay are being held without charge, some since the beginning of the U.S.'s rock 'n' roll/shock 'n' awe tour that kicked off in Afghanistan in 2001. Feel free to check your favorite news outlet for more coverage on this story.

In other related news, PETA has expressed a desire to turn the Thompson prison into what it calls the 'All Living Beings Empathy Center' (click the link to find out more, as I don't feel like elaborating...). Hopefully the U.S. government and PETA can cooperate in order to both utilize the facility. Perhaps the 'terrorist' detainees could serve as tour guides or gift shop employees.

-jay feather

Thursday is the Nitetrotter DAY OF THE WEEK

Thursday is the DAY OF THE WEEK here at Nitetrotter. Check Nitetrotter on Thursdays for different bands, movies, records, and etc of the week.

Schwag City concerns

At SCHWAG CITY I am looking to begin a small weekly gathering to showcase those wishing to display some work, perform a ritual, discuss some bullshit, eat some garbage, flirt with others, sniff some incense, et cetera (of course this event could just be an opportunity for a few friends to get together to hang out, etc...). I am still in the planning stages for this type of event and accordingly would love some input. As of right now I am looking to at least have a night every so often where a couple of artists do either a short improv or planned 'practice amp punk' set in the attic. The genesis of this event was my desire to showcase the music that I have been jamming that doesn't really fit in any of the projects I am involved in or are unarticulated ideas that I would like to persue, an occurence which I am certain is common amongst those I know. If you have any ideas or want to get involved in any way let me know. This might be a good chance for the family to get together.


-jay feather

MOVIE OF THE WEEK: "Dog Day Afternoon"

DOG DAY AFTERNOON starring Al Pacino and other people of which you are certainly unaware. Click the link to find out more. I anticipate the next week's MOVIE OF THE WEEK will be THE LIMITS OF CONTROL as it just arrived in the mail today via netflix.

The subtext of this post however is NITETROTTER'S desire to find people interested in creating movies, films, clips, and videos of any kind for the blog, especially those with knowledge, equipment, and, more importantly, good and bad ideas.

-jay feather

Blessure Grave - "Making the Death Beds For Teenage Vampires"

Blessure Grave's new seven inch is quite the treat for those of us caught up in the goth revival, file under heroin music. This band features Toby from Night Wounds who one assumes is doing most of the writing. "Making the Death Beds For Teenage Vampires" is very dark and catchy in a eerie way for fans of Joy Division but not in the bad sense. Very worth buying especially for fans of Night Wounds who want to hear Toby's next step. 5/5 Blessure Grave

California outlaws power hungry TV's!

California has outlawed certain types of modern televisions that use large amounts of electricity. God only knows where this will go.
Full story

Colorado to impose tax on medical Marijuana patients

The first ever tax of Marijuana by a state is happening in Colorado. This is a big step for Marijuana legalization.
Full Story

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mondo Drag to back up Andrew W.K. in Rock Island

Mondo Drag has been chosen to be part of the back up band for Andrew W.K. at a show on December 5th in Rock Island. Kudos. Hopefully this gets moved to a better venue, something like the Mark!

Nitetrotter needs contributing authors

Interested in writing for Nitetrotter? Looking for all kinds of writers. Please email nitetrotter at for information.

Andrew W.K. to play Rock Island

Andrew W.K. will be playing a show in Rock Island hosted by Daytrotter. Too bad its at schwag ass RIBCO would of loved to see Mr. W.K. but most of the NITETROTTER staff is too cool for RIBCO.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Netherlands getting "Kilometer Tax"

The Netherlands is becoming the first country to track and tax drivers based on how much they drive. The plan is set to start by the year 2012. Creepy.

Mondo Drag's new album "New Rituals" comes out in January

Definitely check this out if a fan of Iowa Psych rock, the cover seems to have a strong Sgt. Pepper vibe. Coming out on Alive records. New bass player on this recording who happens to be Dennis from Meth and Goats/Idpyramid. Mondo Drag

Curanderos Familly of the RRRainbow Temple-Monsters LIVE LIVE LIVE

This Friday (Nov. 20th) the family will be playing at Rubens Palace with Centipede Eest, Black Wyrm Seed, and Vee Dee. The address is 1620 North Fairfield in Chicago, Illinois. In addition, the family will be playing BLACK FRIDAY, the day after Thanksgiving (Nov. 27th).

-jay feather

EYES to record with Jamie from Xiu Xiu

East Moline's EYES who recently released "Night Eyes" on Seed Records will be recording a full length this spring with Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu. No information as of yet who will be issuing this release. - Nitetrotter

Jon Burns' "Ancient Punk Rock Demos"

For those interested in the underground music scene in the Quad City/Iowa area should check out this blog. There are a lot of Quad Cities demos that we would really hope appear on this blog. Ancient Punk Rock Demos - Nitetrotter

Sound and Vision members start new label and blog.

Check out Deep Cuts Records. Its some of the Sound and Vision(Moline, Il music collective) members new label. Free downloads including "Gary's Band". The picture to the left is the famous shirtless man of Moline.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Chica X to play HeWhoCorrupts Xmas Party.

East Moline's own Chica X is playing a Christmas party hosted by HeWhoCorrupts at the Beat Kitchen in Chicago on December 12th - Nitetrotter

Hulk Hogans daughter is a drunk

The Redeye is reporting that Hulk Hogans daughter is a drunk and likes to sing off key. Weird. In other news Hulk Hogan was recently Cheeto-fingered at the Borders on Michigan Avenue by a deranged fan. - Nitetrotter

Nitetrotter looking for contributing authors, etc

Nitetrotter is looking for contributing authors and etc for this blog.

Nitetrotter, an explanation

Nitetrotter is a free form dark wave information stream. You may notice that our name is a play on the "indie" website and no we are not affiliated with them or nor do we aim to be. We are more or less providing the dark perspective from a similar geographical group concioussness. - Nitetrotter

Penelope Unity - "Gate of The Cycle" Cassette on Moss Tapes

This hand painted purple tape limited to 20 copies is a hit. Weird girl neo shaman lyrical vibrations drenched in delay, not bad. Catch Penelope Unity at various weird warehouse shows around Chicago. 4/5
- Nitetrotter


Your new favorite pirate webzine has been born today!