Sunday, October 31, 2010

Leavenworth - "NITCO Album" - Free Download

Text Mr. Nitetrotter - October 31, 2010

Leavenworth is the solo noise output of Wichita native Phil Ross. This was released a few years back on NITCO and is aging like a fine wine. Hope you enjoy the download!

Leavenworth - "1" "2" "3" "4" "5"

Originally Released by Nail In The Coffin

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Soft Black - "The Earth Is Black" Video

Blessure Grave - "An Open Door" Video

Trendy Bastard - "Remix Album On NITCO" - Free Download

Text Mr. Nitetrotter - October 24, 2010

Trendy Bastard was a young crossover hardcore band from Muscatine Iowa who were active earlier in the aughts. They played all over the area and made a name for them selves before breaking up. An interesting twist in their brief recording career was when they chose to have people remix their songs. The end product of the collaborations was interesting and we thought we would give it away here.

Thank Nail In The Coffin for another free release available for your collection! GOOD NITE

Originally Released by Nail In The Coffin(NITCO#23)

The Pink Flimingo vs. FluiD - Free Download

Text Mr. Nitetrotter - October 24, 2010

A couple years ago Kasey Harrison aka the Pink Flimingo and Fluid got together and worked on this collaboration. The results were some what legendary.

Here for free thanks to Nail In The Coffin and NITETROTTER we give you it in its full entirety for completely free!!!!!!! GOOD NITE

The Pink Flimingo - " Sea Of Sounds "

Fluid - "Frozen"

The Pink Flimingo vs. Fluid Live at Mixtapes Record Store

Originally released by Nail In The Coffin

Sinjo THRAW MASH - "United In Noise" - Free Download

Text Mr. Nitetrotter -October 24, 2010

Another free NITCO release this time from an East Moline band. Sinjo THRAW MASH from East Moline, Illinois aka Weirdtown USA. They use a collection of different noise makers and guitar to make this music. They have got out of the QC area before touring with Zilmrah and Fluid.

This is critical noise for critical times. This is like musical toxic waste, in the good way. Be careful as it may melt your face giving you a permanent halloween costume.

We want to get them back to up Chicago soon for some serious nitetrotting. Eat comrades eat.

Sinjo THRAW MASH - "o1 Track 01" "02 Track 02" "03 Track 03" "04 Track 04"

Originally released on Nail In The Coffin(NITCO0059)

Twin Crystals - Free Download

Text Mr. Nitetrotter - October 24, 2010

We keep giving out all the Nail In The Coffin releases away here at Nitetrotter. This specific one comes from a very underrated Vancouver band. They came and played the Weird East Moline Music and Arts happening a couple years back.

The first track is different version of their cover they did of the Night Wounds song "Nineteen". This recording has a really unique dissonant sound and its our pleasure to give it away! Hope you enjoy and GOOD NITE.

Originally released by Nail In The Coffin


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Organz/O'Deth My Child - Free Download

Text Mr. Nitetrotter - October 16, 2010

This was released shortly after the death of Matt Davis. It represents the new era of Quad City(and Iowa) Hardcore. Organz were on top of their game in this period and this record is the best remaining representation of that.

The B side is by O'Death My Child. They were a electronic goth band from Macomb Illinois. All the QC kids were so jealous of them for getting to permanently linked with the Organ on this piece of vinyl. In hindsight it seems as musically they were really on to something.


O'Deth My Child

Monday, October 11, 2010

World History - NITETROTTER Session

Illustration Jorge Tapia / Sound Engineering Nathan Gregory / Text Mr. Nitetrotter - October 11, 2010

Just the other day this duo popped in to Schwag City to lay these tracks down. They were two really nice folks who shared with us their stories of the road and recent happenings. They even told us a creepy story about a self proclaimed anarchist killa. You may know Neil from his website

We really enjoyed how these songs came and hope you do too. Hopefully they stop by again sometime during their seemingly endless tour. Enjoy your monday afternoon nitetrotters. GOOD NITE

World History - "Untitled" "Polaroid Thomas" "Ok To Be Alive" "Ricardo, You Run Free"

Recorded at Schwag City Studios Chicago

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chica X - "Ages 6 to 7" - Free Download

Text Mr Nitetrotter October 10, 2010

I remember the first time I saw Chica X at a punk show. She was less than a year old and some weird Lookout records band The Jackie Papers were calling over the microphone for someone to "bring up the punk baby". Her father was wise enough not to bring her to the stage.

Since then though she has been on stage quite a few times opening for all kinds of bands like 88 Fingers Louie, Hewhocorrupts and many others. She is often known to steal the show from people way older. We hear she may be making a comeback and look forward to that!

Well enjoy this Chica X before bedtime. As always GOOD NITE!

Chica X - "Intro" "Chica X Spits Hot Fire(featuring John Gamino)" "

Sunshine Viper - Free Download

Text Mr. Nitetrotter - October 10, 2010

Sunshine Viper is a fruitful collaboration between Jorge Tapia and Dan Davis when the latter was living in the Quad Cities and Iowa City. They have played more than a handful of times live but their collection of recordings have held up as well.

We are going to be giving away quite a bit of the Nail In The Coffin discography here at Nitetrotter. So stay posted. Hopefully this wont be the last we hear of Sunshine Viper on NT. Well from the mean streets of Schwag City.... GOOD NITE.

Sunshine Viper - "Trapezoids" "Cadillac Dragon" "Its Bad Enuff" "Crucified Cousins"

Humanos - "Monterrey" - Free Download

Text Mr. Nitetrotter - October 11, 2010

This is the final release from the band Humans. This was recorded at a few different studios and features a solid lineup of Jorge Tapia, John Gamino, Chad Gooch, Mike Segura, Thomas Tapia, and Jorge Tapia Sr. They were one of the more popular creative Quad Cities bands for a while. They didn't get too far out of the midwest and its a shame. Hope you enjoy this.


Humanos - "Total Cosmetology" "Melt" "Rust" "Luis Guzman" "Rushin" "Pompous"

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Growing - "Dry Drunk On Woman" - Free Download

Text Mr. Nitetrotter - October 9, 2010

Here it is by popular demand. After Black Man White Man Dead Man came to Moline to play in 2001 this 7" came out in 2002 on Nail In The Coffin and quickly sold out. The repress resulted in Troubleman Unlimited pulling a fast one on NITCO. So we thought we would give this bitch away. GOOD NITE!

Growing - "Dry Drunk On Woman" "Residual Effects Of Inertia II"

Released on Nail In The Coffin Records 2002

Organz - "The Cuts" - Free Download

Text Mr. Nitetrotter - October 9, 2010

East Moline band Organz released this cd back in the early aughts on the defunct labels UnderRadar and Dupage Collective. This is pretty hard to find and features the internally controversial art by Sam McPheeters, that was one of the factors leading to the break up of this band.

They had three bass players and quite a few outrageous shows. They would often violently show up the other bands and shock audiences throughout Iowa.

We hope to be putting up more out of print releases by this band and others as well.

Organz - "Hot Lixx and High Kixx" "Pregnancy Kick" "I Wear The Goddamn Daddy Pants" "She Has My Problems, But Fucking My Brains Out Isn't One of Them" "Anti-Pro-Pre-Post-Modern-Traditional-Demo-Publican" "Dropkick Of Seagulls" "Organ Goes To Vahalla"

Review - Unknown Componant "The Infinite Definitive"

Text Jorge Anthony Tapia - October 9, 2010

Initially, with a glance at the art before putting in the disc, I can't tell if the cd layout was actually layed out by the artist, or a graphic designer at the plant? The art being the first representation of the band, it perks my interest.

At first listen i decided I don't think the artist's listened to the music, and I'm not sure that the musician fully understood the art... the music comes off as being alternative/soft rock very 90's with a tinge of modern radio jams. When listening to music I generally have movies that come to mind or T.V. shows. The first 3 tracks resemble montage's or "feel-good" moments in possibly HOUSE or PARENTHOOD. definitely a chill factor like a soundtrack to a 'B' movie, but catchy and leaves the last song you hear on the album before walking away repeating in your head.

The one sheet that comes with the album leaves no description of the band, which is a one man band based out of Iowa City,Iowa and the brain-child of Keith Lynch. He's apparently recorded two albums prior to this one and I'm not sure what the evolution of those albums would consist of. The self-taught musician lays down these track's with evident ideal's of how a good song is written. Transitions are rough at times; the drums seem to be laid out on a drum-machine or possibly Reason etc, not too sure, but they seem to pull together just in time.

After finishing the album, I realize the songs flow well together. There's not much of a cutting edge here, nor ground-breaking ideal, but the bottom line is I do dig this CD, and am curious of how this gets pulled off live.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Manburger Surgical - NITETROTTER Session

Illustration Jorge Tapia / Sound Engineering Lawrence Romani / Text Lawrence Romani - October 6, 2010

Manburger Surgical are a three piece progressive psychedelic band heavily into puppetry, ventriloquism, strange concepts manifesting into wild improvisations while wearing body paint and unique costumes. Paul Feitzinger, Colin Sanderson and Mike Battaglia know that every day is Halloween at their shows and pour out buckets of bizarre vibes all over the crowd when they play to show it ! Every live show is very different from the last. They are a must see for anyone into sheer weirdness and a happy dose of WTF, so keep an eye out for them when they pass through your city because I really dig what these guys are doing and hope that you do too.

Manburger Surgical - "Untitled"

Recorded in Brooklyn New York

Friday, October 1, 2010

Peepholes - Live NITETROTTER Session

Illustration Jorge Tapia / Sound Engineering Anonymous Comrade / Text Mr. Nitetrotter - October 1, 2010

I met Peepholes a few years back at a festival in Manchester England. They were one of the bands that stood out the most, for their quirky song writing and kinetic stage antics. Upset The Rhthym just released their record and they are hopping the pond for a tour. The Peepholes were kind enough to do a recording for NITETROTTER.

If you like what you hear and will be in the East Coast next spring keep an eye out for Peepholes to be on tour with EYES. Thanks and GOOD NITE!

Peepholes - "Sleep In The Shower"

Recorded live at Offset Festival London