Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sinjo THRAW MASH - "United In Noise" - Free Download

Text Mr. Nitetrotter -October 24, 2010

Another free NITCO release this time from an East Moline band. Sinjo THRAW MASH from East Moline, Illinois aka Weirdtown USA. They use a collection of different noise makers and guitar to make this music. They have got out of the QC area before touring with Zilmrah and Fluid.

This is critical noise for critical times. This is like musical toxic waste, in the good way. Be careful as it may melt your face giving you a permanent halloween costume.

We want to get them back to up Chicago soon for some serious nitetrotting. Eat comrades eat.

Sinjo THRAW MASH - "o1 Track 01" "02 Track 02" "03 Track 03" "04 Track 04"

Originally released on Nail In The Coffin(NITCO0059)

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