Thursday, August 28, 2014

Joe Queer still being called racist/etc

Text Mr. Nitetrotter - August 28, 2014

Well this PC punk witch hunt just keeps heating up. The other day Impose magazine ran a hit piece on Joe Queer comparing him to the KKK(hey he was buddies with GG Allin?). The next day they let Joe defend himself in a petty and passively hostile Q&A. The guy went from trying to make him sound racist to like he's some kind of authoritarian cop sympathizer obviously challenging his punkness or something. 

Apparently the controversy arrises because of a comment made about officer Wilson in the Michael Brown case. He says he thinks the officer was doing his job etc. Impose went on to compare the likes on his post versus the hundred of likes on Don Giovanni Records anti Joe Queer/Ben Weasel post. 

It almost seems as there is some kind of communist conspiracy to try and alienate supposed "right wing" punk rockers. Next he will get audited or something.

Is the trendy tar and feathering of Joe Queer a pr stunt for a fledgling asexual label who apparently buys Facebook ads? Some kind of existential envy because he has dissenting opinions from the supposed liberal pc punk narrative? Who knows... group hugs are creepy.

MIJA @The Egg

Featured Album: ME JANE - "ISON"

Text Joey Collins - August 28, 2014

A pleasantly surprising album from Chicago's ME JANE. Jangly post punk arrangements mixed with tight almost 90s pop punk esque vocals. Its got just enough complex texture without getting boring.  Complete with catchy melodies, no wave digressions, lively gang vocals and harmonies. Can't wait to hear more.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

PC punk rocker Joe Steinhardt Challenges Recess and Asian Man to put Pop Punk Veterans on Ice

Text Mr. Nitetrotter - August 26, 2014

Some guy from some label we have never heard of is not very happy with BEN WEASEL and JOE QUEER of SCREECHING WEASEL and THE QUEERS. He is challenging their labels to drop them due to their alleged hate speech. You may remember a couple of years ago at SXSW when BEN WEASEL punched a woman who threw ice at his face during a FAT WRECK CHORDS showcase. He was then chased by a mob of trendies out of Austin. People were pissed and the fat guy from SOUND OPINIONS loved it.

We find this kind of funny since it happens to seem intertwined with the ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE or at least has some kind of ice theme. Heres what JOE STEINHARDT of DON GIOVANNI RECORDS had to say.

"Forget the Ice Bucket Challenge. I challenge two labels, Recess Recordsand Asian Man Records to completely disassociate with sexist, racist, and homophobic punk bands like The Queers and Screeching Weasel. It is ridiculous that anyone legitimate would be working with them to release their music after the long-term pattern (note: not isolated incidents) of sexist, racist, and homophobic crap they spew online and offline. Mike and Todd, you can do better. Mike, the things Joe Queer writes on his facebook and says at shows goes completely against your mission of working "with bands that are ANTI-RACIST, ANTI-SEXIST, ANTI-PREJUDICE, and who support the ideas of peace and unity" that has always been one of the most inspiring aspects of your label. And Todd, Screeching Weasel's current behavior goes far beyond "shock punk" or whatever the hell he thinks it is.

I also grew up a fan of Screeching Weasel and The Queers and it took me a while to come to terms with my fandom vs. the current actions of the band members. But as isolated incidents that I tried to chalk up to people saying stupid things or doing stupid things slowly became patterns of sexist racist and homophobic behavior over the course of the last 5 years I have been forced associate these bands with nothing but their sexism, racism, and homophobia.

There is a place in music for shock, and there is a place in art for free speech. But there is also a place in music for calling on others to stop giving power and a voice to people spewing hate speech, and so I am calling on you Recess and Asian Man to do better and disassociate with The Queers and Screeching Weasel.

-Joe Steinhardt // Don Giovanni Records"

Without reading these supposed racist, homophobic and other hate speech on Facebook we will have to  assume this is some kind of PC fanaticism by Mr. Steinhardt but who knows.

Featured Album - ADVERTISING - "Pull"

Text  Sarah Smith - August 26, 2014

Fresh weird spacey asymmetrical post pop from these lads. From hints of a post punk Beatles to total atonal composition this is very interesting. Another fine release by PRISON ART

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Society collapsing? Have no fear NITETROTTER is here!

Text Mr. Nitetrotter - August 20, 2014

With the manufactured social collapse of America looming we decided to rise to the occasion. We are turning NITETROTTER up in to high gear. Have no fear, we will be posting daily until we get on some list and the feds shut us down or DAYTROTTER sues us. Somehow in these strange days the former seems more likely than the latter.

MR. FOREFINGER to release split 7" with NONNIE PARRY

Text Geodesic Gina - August 20, 2014

CHICAGO, IL - Mr. Forefinger announced today that he will be releasing a highly anticipated split 7" with local t-shirt rockers NONNIE PARRY. The split will be released on the up and coming diy label EXOTIC AQUATIC. The record is due out by the end of the year. Sounds great!

Featured Album: PSYCHIC ATTACK - "Granite Sander"

Text - Mr. Nitetrotter - August 20, 2014

Chicago's PSYCHIC ATTACK is a nice collection of heavy psychedelic improvisation filled with relentless double bass attack, progressive drums, and weird guitar. Tight driving compositions from this band. It almost has an instrumental RUDIMENTARY PENI or deep Greg Ginn Black flag vibe.

Monday, August 18, 2014


Text Mr. Nitetrotter - August 19, 2014

These young canadians emailed us about a show and we happily obliged. They put on a great show for their group of fans who came from the far reaches of the north side to our remote compound in Pilsen. Right as this show happened their 7" record on FAT WRECK CHORDS came out which had some kinda of PR bomb attached putting our house all over the pop punk internet. Supposedly Fat Mike found out about them from the real life paraplegic inspiration for the NOFX song "Nubs" who also from Ontario really liked THE DIRTY NIL and passed the record to Mike who fell in love with these boys. Good luck to them with their extremely catchy weird as fuck pop punk. These songs got stuck in my head for weeks.

Featured Track: LOVE COP - "Lets Get High and Fuck"

Text - Geodesic Gina

This is a fine track from LOVE COP featuring EMOTIONAL(MELTED TOYS). Drenching with melancholic vocal melodies with apathetic overtones. This sounds like it could be background music in a dark Pete and Pete episode. Kind of like a child like acid flashback. GNAR TAPES