Saturday, October 9, 2010

Growing - "Dry Drunk On Woman" - Free Download

Text Mr. Nitetrotter - October 9, 2010

Here it is by popular demand. After Black Man White Man Dead Man came to Moline to play in 2001 this 7" came out in 2002 on Nail In The Coffin and quickly sold out. The repress resulted in Troubleman Unlimited pulling a fast one on NITCO. So we thought we would give this bitch away. GOOD NITE!

Growing - "Dry Drunk On Woman" "Residual Effects Of Inertia II"

Released on Nail In The Coffin Records 2002


  1. imma takin these y'hear? gimme gimme. AND NO FUNNY BUSINESS or the fish gets it.

  2. where are you guys located in east moline? I used to live there but live over in moline now.

  3. Pretty unique title for a song hah.