Saturday, October 9, 2010

Organz - "The Cuts" - Free Download

Text Mr. Nitetrotter - October 9, 2010

East Moline band Organz released this cd back in the early aughts on the defunct labels UnderRadar and Dupage Collective. This is pretty hard to find and features the internally controversial art by Sam McPheeters, that was one of the factors leading to the break up of this band.

They had three bass players and quite a few outrageous shows. They would often violently show up the other bands and shock audiences throughout Iowa.

We hope to be putting up more out of print releases by this band and others as well.

Organz - "Hot Lixx and High Kixx" "Pregnancy Kick" "I Wear The Goddamn Daddy Pants" "She Has My Problems, But Fucking My Brains Out Isn't One of Them" "Anti-Pro-Pre-Post-Modern-Traditional-Demo-Publican" "Dropkick Of Seagulls" "Organ Goes To Vahalla"

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