Saturday, October 9, 2010

Review - Unknown Componant "The Infinite Definitive"

Text Jorge Anthony Tapia - October 9, 2010

Initially, with a glance at the art before putting in the disc, I can't tell if the cd layout was actually layed out by the artist, or a graphic designer at the plant? The art being the first representation of the band, it perks my interest.

At first listen i decided I don't think the artist's listened to the music, and I'm not sure that the musician fully understood the art... the music comes off as being alternative/soft rock very 90's with a tinge of modern radio jams. When listening to music I generally have movies that come to mind or T.V. shows. The first 3 tracks resemble montage's or "feel-good" moments in possibly HOUSE or PARENTHOOD. definitely a chill factor like a soundtrack to a 'B' movie, but catchy and leaves the last song you hear on the album before walking away repeating in your head.

The one sheet that comes with the album leaves no description of the band, which is a one man band based out of Iowa City,Iowa and the brain-child of Keith Lynch. He's apparently recorded two albums prior to this one and I'm not sure what the evolution of those albums would consist of. The self-taught musician lays down these track's with evident ideal's of how a good song is written. Transitions are rough at times; the drums seem to be laid out on a drum-machine or possibly Reason etc, not too sure, but they seem to pull together just in time.

After finishing the album, I realize the songs flow well together. There's not much of a cutting edge here, nor ground-breaking ideal, but the bottom line is I do dig this CD, and am curious of how this gets pulled off live.

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