Saturday, January 22, 2011

Buoyant Sea - NITETROTTER Session

Illustration Stefania Cristina Emanuela Oldani / Sound Engineering Nathan Gregory / Text Mr. Nitetrotter - January 22, 2011

In November this one man wrecking machine stopped by Schwag City for a Schwagstock. He recorded a session that featured an anonymous dancer. He then played a furious set to a packed house and finally wowed us by leading a 8 hour karaoke marathon! FUCK YES this guy rules.

As always, live on! Enjoy this shit especially song 4 featuring Names Divine!

Buoyant Sea - "Song 1" "Song 2" "Song 3" "Song 4 featuring Call Me On The Allophone"

Recorded at Schwag City Studios Chicago


  1. I love that "Song 1" from Buoyant Sea from Soundcloud. Very danceable, minimalilstic, jambandy, with some punk rock guitar overdrive screeches.

  2. Nitetrotter Day 1 was a smashing success at the Burlington! Even though I was only able to sell one cassette, I basked in the joy of the experimental sounds of ONO, who started out with an homage to the famous "Mickey Mouse" theme before they let themselves loose with jamband, prog rock, experimental voicings, and spoken word.

    "Headless Horses" was a band I heard for the first time and was the first band that started off this big fest. In this ensemble, I saw Jake Acosta with a foursome that had a master load of effects, compressors, a few synths, and pedals. The style is mainly experimental laid-back soundscaping, with hints of minimalistic quality. It was like Giant Squid Autopsy X 3 (because they had a lot more gadgets than that of Giant Squid), but without the clarinets.

    John Bellows - the grand finale of the Day 1 fest - was the showstopper. The music area did not sell out to capacity, but I had seen about 150 fans of John Bellows still to see his final DIY show in Chicago before moving on to Washington State. A one-time backup band featuring Marc Riordan (you probably know him with his clear, hard-hitting, at-your-face drumming style in his punk band, Wishgift) on drums, and John Paul Glover on additional guitar (another member of Wishgift), put some spice to John Bellows' final gig. The crowd was entranced--reminding me of acoustic artist, Julie Marie Byrne.