Friday, July 30, 2010

Lord Green - NITETROTTER Session

Illustration Jorge Tapia / Sound Engineering Nathan Gregory / Text Mr. Nitetrotter - July 30, 2010

Lord Green's sound is an impressive bastardization of raw thrash and stoner rock. They are a Quad Cities diy staple and have spent a good chunk on the road mostly hitting up punk house shows across the west coast and the dirty south to receive great responses from crowds. This is the kind of band that thrash elitists can dig and so can fans of deep space stoner rock. It is great music to sit back and smoke a hitter in between circle pits. 

We look forward to hearing these guys on vinyl. They were one of the highlights of the first night of Nitetrotter Fest earlier this month. They had the whole room moving, even prompting local QCHC guru R. Scott Feller to take off his shirt and cut the shit. Well enjoy this highly anticipated session while we work on picking up from our long summer hiatus. GOOD NITE!

Lord Green - "Flying" "Higher Than God" "Higher Than God Outro" "Hook, Line and Sinker"

Recorded at Schwag City Studios Chicago

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  1. Listen to this shit loud. so fucking awesome to record. my dumbass cut the second song up into two seperate songs sorry.