Thursday, March 4, 2010

Purple Chong - NITETROTTER Session

Illustration Jorge Tapia / Sound Engineering Nathan Gregory / Text Mr. Nitetrotter - March 4, 2010

Purple Chong is just what this shit can needs. He is a 21st century schwag shaman here to sonically deprogram the masses through fucked up sound waves. Watch out people, this guy wants to fuck your ears up.

His shows are legendary. One time in the at a yuppy bar in the Wrigleyville Neigborhood some Project Runway reject was having a fashion show. The fashion show consisted of 5-10 outfits tops of all bad neon punk get ups worn by preppy girls who came in plain clothes before changing in to their punk outfits. After the 10 minute fashion show was over two weird wave bands Rrrainbow Family and the Cosmic etc. and Purple Chong then followed by two chicago pop punk bands. Rrrainbow Family a free jam improv cult from the outer cosmos annoyed out the squares so bad that when Purple Chong played they couldn't take it. Right off the bat this chode in bondage pants and neon spikey hair ran on stage pulling the power while Purple Chong talked shit to the faux punx. Purple Chong's smooth talking manager Dude Sunrise was able to squeeze 20 bucks out of faux punx inc. who told him that Chong was the worst thing they have ever heard. When everyone got in the car someone yelled something and the faux punx chased after throwing beer cans. Victory!

Purple Chong is changing the group consciousness of this god damn nation! Enjoy his hot as hell but still tropically fresh Nitetrotter Session. Catch him at shows around Chicago and at Nitetrotter Fest this summer!

Now go enjoy his hot hard session.
Purple Chong - "Psychic Harm" and "Nitetrottin"
Recorded March 1, 2010. Schwag City Studio Chicago, Illinois.

Purple Chong - "Nitetrottin'" - Nitetrotter Session by NITETROTTER


  1. Psychic Harm was actually kinda soothing! reminded me of keyboard minimalist Terry Riley.
    The other featured bagpipes?! insanity, luvd it

  2. constant terry riley worship coming from me...and i dont want to give away any trade secrets so maybe some bagpipes...but definitely some iggy pop percussion...