Friday, March 18, 2011

Merlin Monroe - NITETROTTER Session

Illustration Jorge Tapia / Sound Engineering Nathan Gregory / Text Mr. Nitetrotter - March 18, 2011

We ran in to Mr. Monroe via Andy from Vacation Dad. We were lucky to host these guys while they toured as The Incredible Pyramid. Merlin came over and laid down this track before his show across the street with Nude Sunrise and Billy Crystal Meth at Chilis. Later that night Merlin and his boys cuddled up on the studio floor. We hope he drops by Chicago on that magic carpet again sometime soon.

Keep an eye on Merlin and the FMLY as they take over the world.

Merlin Monroe - "Live at Schwag City"

Recorded at Schwag City Studios Chicago

Merlin Monroe - "Live at Schwag City" - NITETROTTER Session by NITETROTTER DETH SKULL

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