Monday, February 20, 2012

Cool Memories - Nitetrotter Session

Illustration Katie Litteral / Sound Engineering Nathan Gregory / Text Nathan Gregory - February 20, 2012

"To Live and Die in Logan Square," the perfectly titled recording that Chicago four pack Cool Memories blessed us with. Cool Memories have been around the city for quite awhile and most know the name. Luscious waves of synth swirling into electronic piano, while soloing guitars and saxaphone coax your ears. Perfectly constructed bass and drums hold together this magical tune as singer Bret Koontz lulls listeners. It seems rare to catch a Cool Memories performance but most are lucky to see the members other projects. They also are residents to locals hot spot Situations. We were lucky enough to catch this session before they left on an east coast jaunt. If you see a flyer that reads Cool Memories, don't miss it.

Check out this video courtesty of NitetrotterTV of Cool Memories live at Situations during the recording of this nite session.

Cool Memories - "To Live and Die in Logan Square"

Recorded at Situations in Chicago, IL

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