Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Orchard Theif - Nitetrotter Session

 Illustration Katie Shlon / Sound Engineering Nathan Gregory / Text Nathan Gregory - May 9, 2012

 Meeting people through out the world is a really great thing. Especially when you meet truly genuine people like Sam Molstad, the music mind that is Orchard Theif. Sam hails from Minneapolis, MN and that is where I first met him when I played a show with them him back in 2010. We then have crossed paths all over the US. Sam was in town while Nude Sunrise was recording our new album and he jumped in as vocal coach by directing the singer and himself to perform with no shirts in our creepy bathroom in Chinatown. Sam has a fun personality that I feel like blossoms in Orchard Theif's music. This certain beauty that you hear in his music can be translated from his optimistic outlook and love for life. His new album "Sensational Living," really shows off the beauty of the way he sees life. It also has some amazing screen printed artwork.  If you ever visiting the Midwest, come see Sam play along with his other project Coral Legs. This session is three terrific songs flowing nicely from one to another. Good Nite!

Also check out this live footage from Orchard Theif Nitetrotter Session courtesy of NitetrotterTV.

Orchard Theif - Cheerleaders Return, Through the Dark Away from Home, Sensational Living

Recorded live in Pilsen in Chicago, IL

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