Monday, May 7, 2012

Scammers - Nitetrotter Session

  Illustration Duane Jewett / Sound Engineering Nathan Gregory / Text Nathan Gregory - May 7, 2012

 The bearded and tattooed pop master behind solo project Scammers is Phil Diamond from Kansas City, KS. Having known Phil for awhile after partying at the old Schwag City and meeting up on the road in Nebraska, I knew I had to get him to do a session to let the world know about this hidden gem. Scammers take a unique approach to pop music. With heavy beats and dancing synths, its Diamond's vocals that really sets him apart. Singing real lyrics of being poor and just really living life to do what makes you happy and for Scammers it is playing music. Scammers live show is nothing less with Diamond bouncing allover stage and in your face while sometimes he has his wife to perform dances to each song. As another KC band impresses the world, go find Scammers and be just as impressed as we are. Plus, pick up one of his shirts because they have the coolest designs. Get down on these three tracks we got from Scammers while visiting Pilsen in Chicago.

Also here is some great live footage of Scammers during the recording of his Nitetrotter Session.

Scammers - Airliner, Legitimately Poor, Dance Killer

Recorded live in Pilsen in Chicago, IL.

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