Thursday, June 10, 2010

Shearing Pinx - NITETROTTER Session

Illustration Jorge Tapia / Sound Engineering Nathan Gregory / Text Mr. Nitetrotter - June 10, 2010

We are so excited to present to you this latest session. Shearing Pinx is one of our favorite Canadian bands who happened to blow our roof off earlier this summer. 

While raging through the midwest on a US tour they were kind enough to stop by Schwag City right before a show down the street at the Bakery. They lived up to the studio's name and made some friends right off the bat. They then proceeded to play some of the loudest music at Schwag City yet!

Enjoy these fresh tracks from the Canadian death squad none other than Shearing Pinx..... GOOD NITE!

Shearing Pinx - "Song 1" "Song 2" "Song 3" "Song 4 and 5" "Song 5" "Song 7"

Recorded at Schwag City Studios Chicago

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