Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nude Sunrise - NITETROTTER Session

Illustration Jorge Tapia / Sound Engineering Nathan Gregory / Text Mr. Nitetrotter - April 21, 2010

Nude Sunrise is the house band of Schwag City. Over the last few years they have separately relocated here to Chicago. The band first started with Padraig Steadman and Luke Wolever as a duo. Recently Nathan Gregory joined on Guitar. All three have solo acts as Motorcycle, Purple Chong and Hemp Anklet who have all done Nitetrotter Sessions. 

Nude Sunrise will be venturing off on their first US tour heading down to the dirty south and up to the old east coast. All dates with the amazing Teaadora from Central Illinois and Names Divine. They will be starting this tour by playing the first day of Nitetrotter Fest.

Enjoy this hot session from Nude Sunrise and as always, goodnite!

Nude Sunrise - "Skatepark USA" "Lean Love" "Strawberry Jerry" "Load King"

Recorded at Schwag City Studios Chicago

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  1. Teaadora with two a's in the middle. :)