Sunday, May 23, 2010

Siamese Trees - NITETROTTER Session

Illustration Rose Noble / Sound Engineering Nathan Gregory / Text Mr. Nitetrotter - May 23, 2010

Siamese Trees is two of the Nicks from local Chicago weird rockers Tasteless Transparent. On a full moon evening they came in to Schwag City to record this session. They used exotic American instrumentation including but not limited to a lap steel guitar and clarinet. The peanut gallery in the waiting room loved what they heard. This was truly a magical session. Keep a look out for these guys or their current projects possibly playing at a venue the likes of their home base the Attic or the cardboard city of Mortville in the future.

Enjoy this scrumptious session and GOOD NITE!

Siamese Trees - "X25"
Recorded at Schwag City Studios Chicago

X25 - "Untitled" - NITETROTTER Session by NITETROTTER4EVER

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