Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Alaskas - Nitetrotter Session

Illustration Calvin Whitehurst / Sound Engineering Nathan Gregory / Text Nathan Gregory - March 13, 2012

It truly is so amazing how much one can do with there own voice. Add a delay pedal and loop pedal and ones voice can carry you through many dimensions. Alaskas, the one man machine of Brooklyn's Dillon James Rego accomplishes that. The voice of Alaska's Rego is almost every piece to the puzzle. Beat boxing drum loops start these masterpieces. Followed by some looped singing that sounds almost like a synth. These really start to build his creations before his voice comes through yet again chirping words of being up and down and wanting. Even adding a emotional scream that shows he is serious. Was lucky to meet Dillon while he was visiting Chicago and tracked this sick session.

Here is some footage "I Love Life" from Alaskas Nitetrotter session live.

Alaskas - I Love Life, Farewell to them All and Play Rough

Recorded live in Pilsen in Chicago, IL

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