Sunday, March 25, 2012

Generfius - Nitetrotter Session

Illustration Katie Shlon / Sound Engineering Nathan Gregory / Text Nathan Gregory - March 25, 2012

I first met Generifus in 2011 at SXSW. Friends of friends and now friends for life. The solo man Generifus resides in Olympia, WA. Also a musical member on local well known label K Records. We crashed at his house in Olympia one time on tour. Woke up in the morning to everybody drinking the remaining beers from the night before watching Back Yard Wrestling movies. Besides being just a rad fun guy, Generifus also known by his real name Spencer Sult is a blossoming singer songwriter. I have had the song "I Know," stuck in my head for a year now. Blessed with an apathetically beautiful singing voice and creative ability to play the guitar. Generifus is a truly amazing songwriter. If you ever are in Olympia make it a point to meet this person and watch for upcoming releases from Generifus.

Really feel what this session was like with this sick video.

Generifus - Tunnel, Train Track, Out Loud, I Know, Gunna Come Back, I Will Comply

Recorded live in Logan Square in Chicago, IL

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