Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mines - Nitetrotter Session

Illustration Katie Shlon / Sound Engineering Nathan Gregory / Text Mykee P - March 20, 2012

Diggin deeper than a fantasy, and somewhere past that one night you spent tripping alone in an attic for a few years where you stumble out of the psychedelic vortex rubbing yr guitar with a toothbrush and suddenly all your friends are there, and you haven't slept for days because yr too high. And in a weird way drugs have disposed of yr faith in any situation that lacks feeling. And that's a good thing, cuz yr feeling good. And if yr ever not feelin it, you just hum until you sing and sing until you follow that feeling deeper till the drums start thumping again, and you feel the bass ripping along the edges, mmmmmmmmelting the edges, and you feel like shaking yr edges because when yr shaking, in a funny way they go away. All the edges dissappear, and slowly so do you…
Then you wake up surrounded by a mess of beer cans, empty pizza boxes, and cassette tapes. and some clip from sickdunks.com is idly playing on the screen, begging to pull you away from the mess. But instead you gaze at the mess…
You feel the mess, because, shit, the world is a mess, and you are a part of that mess.
But its only saturday morning, and yr still allowed to feel good for one more night. So you grab a guitar pick, and with one giant sweep across the strings, the mess is swept under the psycho-sonic rug. And soon all yr friends are there again.
And you know what it feels like to vibrate.
And as long as you're there yr shitty job means nothing.
And yr happy yr broke again, because that means yr drunk and you know why you have friends. Mines are our new friends and hope you get to know them too.

Check out how psychedelic this session was during the tracking courtesy of NitetrotterTV.

Mines - Rose Marie/ Answers My Head, I See Better in the Dark When I'm High, Parting Partly Party, Hearts, Bad is the Old Better

Recorded live in Logan Square in Chicago, IL

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  1. ONE OF MY FAVORITE BANDS .. SO sad the song